Starting today, Windows 10 users have a great new way to get started with Office and jump into their work quickly – a new app simply called, Office.




The Office app provides users with a simple experience that helps them get to what they need quickly – whether that’s an app, a document, or even a person in your organization. We released the app as a preview to Windows Insiders in December 2018 and have heard lots of great feedback from people who have found it to be a helpful way to get started with Office. We are thrilled to now make it available for free to anyone using a current version of Windows 10, whether at work, at school, or at home.


You can use the Office app with almost any version of Office – even the free version of Office Online. The experience will look familiar to anyone who has used Office.com with users finding quick access to all their Office apps and documents. However, we’ve made the experience even better by bringing it to an app form. Now you can get to the Office desktop apps if installed on your device in addition to the web apps on Office Online, access files stored on your local device in addition to OneDrive and SharePoint, and use it while working offline.


Here are a few of the most compelling things you can do with the Office app:

  1. Quickly access the most common Office apps and services you need to get things done.

Now you can access all of the Office apps available to you whether you have them installed on your device or not. If an app is installed on your machine the Office app knows to take you there; otherwise it knows to take you to the web version on Office Online.




  1. Find a full list of all the Office apps and services available to you along with helpful tutorials and links to learn more about them.

 You can easily see every Office app available to you by clicking on “Explore all your apps” under the menu of commonly used apps on the home screen. There you will find a few helpful tips and tricks at the top of the screen, or click on “Learn more” next to any of the apps to understand what they do and how to use them.




  1. Easily get to the documents you need from any application, all in one place.

The Office app keeps track of the most relevant documents to you so you can jump into your work quickly. You can get to the documents you have most recently used, you have pinned for easy access, or that have been shared with you by others. It will even help you find content relevant to you created by colleagues within your organization.


We have also built the Office app with organizations in mind. There are several capabilities that IT Administrators may choose to enable for their organizations:

  • Customize the user experience with branding from the organization
  • Enable users to access third party apps using AAD through the Office app
  • Activate Microsoft Search so users can use one search experience to find documents and people across the organization in addition to their own apps and documents

To see the Office app in action and learn more about these and other features, check out the latest Microsoft Mechanics video about progressive web apps which highlights the Office app at the 5:30 mark.




The Office app is free to use and simple to access. It will become available to users on a rolling basis over the next few weeks and will be installed automatically as an update to the MyOffice app, which comes pre-installed as part of Windows. Just search for “Office” in the search bar of the Windows start menu to open it. The app can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Store if needed. Once you open the app, just sign in with your work, school, or free personal Microsoft Account to get started. The app works with any Office 365 subscription, Office 2019, Office 2016, and Office Online – the free web-based version of Office for consumers.


Go try out and explore the Office app to see how you can use it to make you even more productive with Office.

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I'm on 18334 Insider build and i still have My Office (with old icons, maybe icons shouldn't change yet though). I have tried reinstalling it. It only finds My Office in Store.

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The link to the Microsoft Store still points to the old My Office app not to this new Office app. How do we download the new app?
@Oleg K and @Lance Whitney - Please check the Microsoft Store again for the Office app. All users should be able to see and update to the Office app now.  
Automatic updates to the My Office app are happening on a phased roll out beginning today. The automatic update will reach all users over the next few weeks. 
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Why is Delve either not more prominent or the default view for files? It's not even listed under the Programs menu!
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Have tried reinstalling it again. Still get the old app. I guess i should just wait. Like always with MS, if something is released, then you usually ahve to wait for weeks and months to actually get the update..

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Microsoft Works anyone?  :robottongue:

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The download page in the Microsoft Store indicates that it's the new Office app. But after I install and launch it, I still get the old My Office app. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same problem.



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Why is there no love for Project or Visio? 

Don't they get new icons too?  :-(  



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Has anybody been able to download the new version of this Office app? The Windows Store page shows the info and screenshots for the new version. But when I install and launch it, I keep getting the old My Office app.
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No, i'm still getting old My Office app too.

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Same here.  New Office in Store page, but Old Office after install.

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Me2, uninstalled My Office, installed Office but when opening it's still My Office...

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I heard back from a Microsoft press rep. They acknowledged that some people are running into an issue trying to download the new version and they said they're working on it. I was able to access the new version on one computer, but on two others I'm still getting the old version.

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still got old version
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Still not seeing the new app on 1809 preview. (has downloaded fine on my 19H1 pc)

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Mine's just updated to the new version.



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Still getting the old version here. I'm on Windows 10 Insider build, maybe that's the cause.

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Got the new Office app today, after using the Get updates option from the store. Happy days!

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Thanks, worked for me too! 



Hi everyone – apologies for the confusion and delays with the availability of the Office app. As the blog post mentioned, the automatic updates to the My Office app are happening through a phased rollout which means different people will get the update at different times. This phased roll out had subsequently affected the availability of the app in the Microsoft Store for those that had not yet been targeted for the update. However, we have now resolved this issue and at this point everyone should be able to update the Office app right away by going to the Microsoft Store, even if you haven’t received the automatic update yet.


Thanks for your interest, follow up, and patience with this. We hope you enjoy using the app!

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Hi Bill, Afraid to say that I'm still not getting the update, running on a SP4, wit h 1809 insider preview build.

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Same here. I'm on the Fast ring (Insider). Still not getting new app via updates or reinstalling it.


@Oleg K and @Reportered - we're really sorry and surprised to hear that you are still experiencing issues, but really appreciate you following up and letting us know. Someone from our engineering team will be reaching out to you directly to better understand the issue and ensure you get access to the Office app as quickly as possible. Thanks! 


So this isn't actually a "New" app, but just an update to an old app?


Is that why in the Microsoft Store the "New" Office app has a Release date of 6/9/2015?

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Yes this is an updated app of what was called Get Office that’s been part of Office for ages. It may as well be a new app though as it is completely different to the original app, it’s a Progressive Web App that encompasses the Office.com experience. It was demoed in this episode of Microsoft Mechanics, just after 5 mins in - https://youtu.be/VNpoqUNMrh8, if you’d like to know more about it.

Thanks for chiming in @Cian Allner. I was also going to emphasize that this was a redesigned app built as a PWA and delivers a whole new experience for Office users. We felt that the most effective way to distribute this app to people would be as an update to the My Office app in the Microsoft Store. Because of this approach, the Store page still shows the original release date. 

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So, two weeks later. I did get contacted by MS engineer and he added my MS ID to a group to get the new app version. It updated, but i still get the same look when i launch it. Icons are old, no search or recommended block and no columns with more information about the documents, just the same last opened field.

March almost over still don't have any updates on my side
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Yes, Office app has updated twice already, but not the view inside of it.

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no update here. use word daily excel often... on two PCs. my iPhone icons are new and the apps updated...

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Still same here. I got PM from MS engineer a while ago, tried what he said to try. My app updated, but it looks like the old one still. I just gave up.