reject emails to 2 recipients

Graeme Lee
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reject emails to 2 recipients



I want to set a Exchange server rule so that anyone that sends and email to address1 AND address2 in the To: field can be rejected. They should be able to send individually to address1 OR address2 but not in the same email.


Seems to only have the option to block multiple recipients using OR


Is there any way to do this?  I have done a rule that they can't address address1 or address2 in the CC box which is fine, but they bypass that by just using the To field to those addresses.  It created issues with our auto-ticketing systems so needs stopping somehow and asking politely doesn't work


Any help appreciated

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Re: reject emails to 2 recipients

Hi Graeme,

I would create a security group hidden from GAL and add one of the addresses you want to block. Then create a transport rule:

Apply this rule if...
1) the message >to box contains this person
2) the message >to box contains a member of this group

Do the following...
Reject the message with an explanation

Hope this helps!

Re: reject emails to 2 recipients

Hi Ricardo,


Many thanks for this.  Good thinking!


There is actually 3 addresses I need to incorporate, so I have made 6 rules as it's unlikely they will send to all 3 helpdesk addresses at once, two addresses happens!

I will let it all replicate and feedback tomorrow.


Many thanks for the help



Re: reject emails to 2 recipients

I'm not sure why you have created 6 rules.

Just to be clear about my idea I will attach a screenshot.

So, for example:

Security groups: = a+b = a+c = b+c

1) to: c + any member of sec1
2) to: b + any member of sec2
3) to: a + any member of sec3

I look forward to hearing from you.

Re: reject emails to 2 recipients

Yes thanks Ricardo.  I didn't think to add both other addresses to the group and have done them individually to avoid any AND or OR issues, therefore the 6 rules.  But I have now created them as per your last post and it works perfectly.


Just what I required. Many thanks for the help and taking the time to make easily understandable. Very much appreciated