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  • , 02-08-2017

    Learn how to set up Office 365 for your business with our new Office 365 admin center videos page. You will learn how to add a domain name, add people, set up document storage, download software, and much more in a series of short, easy to follow videos.

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    , 02-09-2017

    Thanks Daniel. Let us know how it goes and what else you'd like to see included. Again, this is ideally for SMB admins who balance both admin-iw setup tasks in Office 365. Enterprise admins can benefit from some of the core processes too like doc management, meetings, and mail.




  • , 10-05-2016

    Last week at Microsoft Ignite the Office 365 ProPlus deployment team released a brand new guide focused on making your organization's Office 365 ProPlus deployment a success.


    This guide has been created by a team of subject matter experts from the Offic

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    , 01-27-2017
    Ok nice. Good job ;)
  • , 02-26-2017

    Spotted on Reddit this morning (3 day old thread):


    I have had an influx of people complaining that when they send a message to a 365 group, they no longer get a copy of their own message. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to make it go back to

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    , 02-26-2017
    There is a discussion over here with some Microsoft guy explaining why this change ^-^...Indeed, this is the thread:
  • Unable to connect Skype for business online PowerShell after enable multi factor authentication.

    I am able to conenct Exchange Online through connect-EXOPSSession and connect-msolservice.


    Anyone can help me



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    , 02-24-2017
  • , 01-03-2017

    A bit of an open-ended question to start the new year and kickstart the Change Alerts space a bit - What would help you better manage change in Office 365? Where do you struggle or what would make it even smoother?


    Here are a few ideas, some of which have

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    , 02-24-2017

    This is one of the best summaries I've encountered! Thank you for kicking off the discussion, Cian, and for providing insightful feedback and requests, everyone! What you've described is very well aligned with our intentions. It will take me a while to address each point individually, so I'll start by sharing some high level direction and strategy.


    I'd strongly recommend everyone watch the Office 365 Release and Change Communication session from Ignite 2016 (and get excited for Ignite 2017), where we outlined the strategy and areas of investment: Ignite Session: Office 365 Release, Change, and Communication


    Here is how we think about releases:


    Office 365 is a global service that is operated at hyper-scale, and the architecture is designed to enable high availability, reliable redundancy, and seamless updates.  The infrastructure is made up of tens of thousands of servers across more than a hundred data centers, and each organization’s tenant is made up of multiple active copies of content spanning multiple data centers.  This approach allows us to deliver the full value of the cloud – for example, performance is continually improved, bugs can be patched within hours, and the concept of downtime for updates has been made obsolete – and it also increases complexity in our ability to provide specific, per-tenant availability dates.


    We communicate information that customers need to evaluate, plan, support, and adopt Office 365 services, features, and functionality through a few channels.  The Office blog is where we publish news and announcements including product strategy, executive perspectives, upcoming releases, and customer best practices.  The public roadmap website – and with greater detail in the NDA newsletter/SUM Newsletter (Premier) – delivers insight into specific features and functionality that is upcoming and broken down by release status, service, and platform.  Once the roll out begins, eligible tenants receive a notification in the Message Center, which is consumable in the Admin Center, Admin Mobile App, and Service Communication API.  The product group is monitoring releases and the associated communications in an effort to identify best practices and drive greater consistency and predictability. 


    A few specific items that we're working on:


    • Weekly email digest to show Message Center notifications via email (currently in First Release)
    • Actionable Preview Period communications that highlight features in First Release
    • Configurability policy for tenant wide and per user enablement controls enforced consistently
    • Major overhaul of the backend system that powers the Office 365 roadmap for greater agility, additional filters, and new views - this is how we've started including the Feature ID across the roadmap and Message Center publications
  • , 02-09-2017

    The Office 365 Roadmap has moved to a new home, but the URL is not all that is changing! We are improving the experience on mobile devices and making it easier to quickly review details of roadmap items. By popular request, the items on the roadmap will a

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    , 02-24-2017

    A few quick updates based on progress and feedback:


    • Many of the filters have been recreated (ie. Education)
    • The "how can I help you?" pop-up has been suppressed
    • Redirects for non "en-us" pages have been corrected
    • Feedback has been and continues to be consolidated and triaged


    Keep the suggestions, requests, and issues coming!

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