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Was this discussed at Ignite?  It has supposed to be coming for like a year now, was just curious if they finally mentioned a release date for it.

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Do you know where can i find the Adoption Content Pack for Power BI? (not the preview)



Here is the official announcement as well, with details on how to enter the preview: 


 Announcing the preview of the Office 365 adoption content pack in Power BI

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there is not release date yet just came to preview

Here is the video of the session: https://youtu.be/MT0cO80NqU8

Just requested to enter in the preview!! Thanks for sharing @Vasil Michev

Hi all,

A new customer of mine has asked to help him on migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 and I would like to take this opportunity to define a migration approach so I would like to know any hints, tips, recommendations you could have about this top

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I just completed over 7000 Google Apps (Mail, Vault, Drive and Sites) to Office 365 for one of our clients.


We used FastTrack services for mailboxes less than 40 GB. Fast

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SkyKick has a great Migration Suite for migration from Google to O365. Login to partner center at www.skykick.com with your MPN ID.  You can model the migration and creat

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Hi Juan Carlos,


if you are going to use tools Migrationwiz is your tool for the mail etc and i use ShareGate for the google drive. I think a piece of adoption is going to

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The background color of the Office 365 home page is not using the theme color anymore. Is it a bug or feature?


In my production environment, my theme is purple and for development, it's orange but the menu is always blue.



Am I missing

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Looks like we have a mix of everything.


So the question is what is the expected behaviour?


Is the blue menu what we are supposed to get or a temporary rollout bug? I thin

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Aha! So we aren't the only ones. Our theme color was red, so the color behind the search bar was also red.

Now our background is blue as well (looks like the default blue?

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Mine's gone black, it was the same colour as the settings in the Admin portal ... blue would be ok with me, lol.



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Same issue in my tenant, but I'd take Dean's advice on it. It's a lost batlle :)

I have seen things like this many times, the app launcher is inherently buggy (: It typically seems to occur when some updates are getting pushed, but this is just a gues... Read More
Just completed Google Apps (Mail, Vault, Drive, Sites) the whole lot to Office 365. A lot of scripting, third party tools, and patience required.
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Hi Faiza, 


I am working in a migration scenario similar as yours, 11K mailboxes,  using FastTrack. 

We are considering using BitTitan to migrate data from Google Vault to

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What scripts and 3th party tools did you use? I used MigrationWiz for the email and ShareGate for migrating Google Drive to SharePoint / OneDrive, worked great!

Ya verificaste en Microsoft Flow, allí tienen funciones que puedan ayudarte.

Aunque también sería interesante una aplicación o un servicio que pueda hacer puente entre Goo

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@Faiza Qadri any tips in regards of how to make an inventory of the volume of documents to be migrated from GDrive to ODFB / SPO? Thanks in advance Read More
Congratulations Faiza! I would love to hear more about your experience, the challenges, and any best practices you can share with the community.

And really straightforward to configure, albeit only via the Azure portal for the moment.


Here's a link to the documentation as well: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/active-directory-licensing-whatis-azure-portal

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What a great feature for some clients that have been done this by scripts running on-premises !

Office Mix, animations, templates - all you ever wanted to learn about PowerPoint. Direct from Microsoft IT! Join us Feb 28 for our free webinar, Microsoft PowerPoint: the basics and beyond. https://aka.ms/RegisterCourseFeb28

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Last year, we sat down with an IT Pro as part of a series of research interviews and discussed his experiences in transitioning to Office 365 and learnt about the resulting changes in his organization.  Thought it would be of interest to members of the Of

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Thank you for sharing!

Very good case study, we would like to see more like this.

Really great stuff

Wondering if this has been covered already.

We have 2 companties with there own O365 tenancy and dirsync and adfs

They want to have contacts distributed to each others domain

Is there a easy automatic way for this.  Instead of exporting to csv and uploading

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There are 3rd part tools that do that, such as GalSync. You can also simply automate the export/import to CSV via PowerShell.

AFAIK if the CSV option is not OK, you have to write your own importing tool or use a third party one

Microsoft has moved 400 million Outlook.com mailboxes to an Office 365 infrastructure. Outlook.com mailboxes are now powered by Exchange Online and exploit other parts of the infrastructure like EOP. It’s a good change from a engineering and economic pers

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Vendors of backup software often focus on the data belonging to a single application. That’s OK in the world of on-premises software, but it’s an approach that does not work for Office 365 where new applications use components drawn from multiple workload

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 I have been wondering this myself.   Aside from needing a longer than 14 day retention period on deleted items does backup gain you anything.  MS garuantee the actual ma

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I had a post on the Yammer network to provide news about updates to the readers of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook (see https://thoughtsofanidlemind.com/2016/06/02/introducing-office-365-for-it-pros-third-edition-now-available/), so I'll create one here.

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There were many changes implemented or announced in Office 365 last week. We have updated Office 365 for IT Pros and the 30 Jan 2017 files are now available for PDF, EPUB

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Office 365: Microsoft doesn't seem to be able to publish the oft-promised Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out book, but the best-selling Office 365 for IT Pros

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Sir Tony, thank you for the information on Office 365 for IT Pros eBook.

Listen to why Steve Goodman (OOF until the 8th Aug 🏖) and the @TheUCArchitects think that Office 365 for IT Pros is the only Office 365 book http://www.theucarchitects.com/1602... Read More

Yammer -  Planner - Tasks- People are all individually nice apps in Office 365, but the problem is that People and Yammer as well as Planner and Tasks have overlapping functionality.  Furthermore, if we decide to use Yammer for keeping the conversation re

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You also have Wunderlist that is disconnect from everything.  How about some syncing of Planner tasks into Wunderlist...The ability to add Outlook tasks and OneNote tasks

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The connections especially for Yammer as noted are indeed getting stronger. But, you do point out that generally the approach has been to develop a "new thing" to replace

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Soon Yammer will integrate with Office 365 Groups, so your Yammer Group will get a Planner, see the right column of this mock up.


I would strongly recommend watching this

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In our tenant we have a combination of K1, E1, E3, and E5 licenses.  From time to time, one of our E1 (web only) folks will be promoted into a position that requires a local installation of Microsoft Office (E3).  Changing their licensing from E1 to E3 is

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I've done the operation several times over the past two years, as well.  Until a few months ago, this worked flawlessly.  Now, not so much as I have three users in limbo

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Hi Joe,


You have to do the change in the same operation to avoid that issues.


I have seen in the past if the change is in two steps could cause the issues that you are re

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Dear All,


I have simple question from end user but it is important. How to save email attachment in MS Outlook to SharePoint online site? Can I save as directly?


I have tried use https://mycompany.sharepoint.com in the save as dialog box (address field),

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With SharePoint Online and Office/Outlook 2016 you have three options:

  1. Use out of the box capabilities, although limited in a few areas and key support at this time for On
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I'm using harmon.ie for this - hate for actualy have to use a thirt party tool - but it is way better than any solution out now by microsoft.

Hi Faisal,

If your only requirement is to transfer the email (and or attachment) from Outlook to SharePoint as an msg file then the sync client is the best way forward.

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Yes, try out the link in David's reply.  It's very simple to set up the new preview for OneDrive to sync SharePoint Online document libraries.  I happened to be at Ignite

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We are using webdav-based mappings for this purpose, as written in this article:


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Feb 2017 Features, Security and Non-Security updates Defferred Channel - WTH??

So... with the delay\skip of Feb 2017 Windows patches, What the heck is going to happen with the scheduled release update set for the 365 Deferred Channel that should have nothi

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I am rounding up some folks to make sure and get some responses going on this thread for you. But also please feel free to email me Jemed @ Microsoft.com directly and I ... Read More