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Wesley Holley is a program manager on the Office 365 team.


Core to protecting your organization’s data is identifying which data is sensitive and creating policies to govern its use.  We include over 80 sensitive information types out of the box to dete

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Hi Wesley, When is this expected to rollout? We have custom sensitive data in Exchange Online, but we dont yet see it in the Security and Compliance center yet.

To quickly get all 'Failed Move-Request' you can run the following one liner.


Get-MoveRequest | Where-Object {$_.Status -eq "failed"}



To Remove all 'Failed Move-Requests' you can run the following:


Get-MoveRequest | Where-Object {$_.Status -eq "failed"} |
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I found several tech articles concerning O365 Storage questions, however i'm still missing the big picture. Hopefully one of you can help me.


I would like to know where each of the O365 Applications stores the data (e.g site collection, native in the app,

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There are lots of great resources for Office 365 change management but finding them all in one place is more difficult.  


Inspired by @Brian Levenson post - 'My favorite Office 365 roadmap resources' I have written a TechNet Wiki article called the Office 365 Change Management Survival Guide

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Excellent work and resource, @Cian Allner!   Really appreciate you including the links to my content as well :) 


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Great stuff!!! Thanks Cian

Very informative...

Today, the Office 365 Team is excited to introduce a new, intelligent task management app that makes it easy to plan and manage your day. Say hello to Microsoft To-Do—now available in Preview.


To-Do comes from the team behind the Wunderlist app, and del

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We've enabled ToDo in our testing first release tenant and it works fine on mobile but we still cannot use Web version. Getting error "Unfortunately, the web app doesn't

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Today we were finely able to switch to-do on in our tenant so I could try it out with my business account for the first time. I really looked forward to that. But I am a

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I was able to enable To-Do. It is syncing from To-Do to my tasks.
The only thing that doesn`t work for me; importing from Wunderlist.
After importing it shows the import wa

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I see that Education organizations are currently not supported. Any timeline on when it will be available for Education?

Microsoft, maybe it`s a good idea next time by rolling out a new feature, your customers are able to turn it on ;)

I hope someone can help me to get me to the right direction which part of Office365 I can use for my usercase.


Once a year our head of our schools is having a conversation with al the principals from the schools. There are a couple of time slots available

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One easy way to do this is by creating a Room/Equipment mailbox, then ask each of the principals to send a booking request, just like they'll do with any other room. You

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I want to prevent users that they can change the company's profile picture, but I cannot find the solution on the web. I have tried several solutions, but still is the user capable to change the profile photo... What is the best solution for it?


For examp

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I am curios, what it the reason for this requirement? A lot of effort has been made by software creators like MS to provide users the ability to personalize the systems t... Read More
Set-OWAMailboxPolicy applies only for OWA and users can able to change their photos from other O365 services. Also this policy will take effect after 60 minutes,
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Would anyone know if it is at all possible to create a template from a document library within the Modern Team sites , There is no option to create a template from within document library setting and trying with SP Designer it does not work.




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Yeah...that option is "hidden" in the modern document libraries, but you can grab the Url you need from a classic document library...indeed the page you have to use is _l... Read More

I have a teacher in my district that posted a PowerPoint template on the class SharePoint site. Today when the students went to access it during class a handful of them were not able to, a pop up would show saying "PowerPoint Online cannot open this prese

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Does it happen with any other files?
What happens if someone else shares the same file the same way?

Microsoft said yesterday that Office 365 now has 100 million monthly active users. At this rate, we will be close to 120 million by the end of 2017. But the really interesting question to ask is just how many on-premises users remain that might move to th

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Hi Tony,


Thanks for sharing this post.


I wonder what their profit margins are.. "100 Million" users means massive infrastructure and operating expenses. The stock is up $

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@Tony Redmond Thanks for keeping us updated all the time about O365.

We are very excited to introduce this week’s Friday Feature— @John White! John is CTO and co-founder of UnlimitedViz, a SharePoint and Business Intelligence services provider and ISV. John has been an MVP Office Servers and Services since 2011. Check out

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We are going to be changing our company name, so this requires a new domain.

The new domain has been added to On-Prem AD and Office365.


On a test user we have changed the UPN to the new domain and Azure AD Connect returns this:

Unable to update this object

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Seems you are trying to change between federated/managed domains, thus the error. A federated user does not have any password set in the service, so you need to perform s

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Hi Cary,


Are you changing in local Active Directory ?



Started this question a while back on Yammer. What tools do you use to back-up mail and files stored in Office 365?


The fact that your files are back-upped inside and outside the datacenters of Microsoft only protects you against hardware and software fai

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My boss told me to do research on some Office 365 mailbox backup solutions. Read some good comments on CodeTwo (https://www.codetwo.com/backup-for-office-365/), Cloudally

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I see these tools falling more and more behind as Microsoft release more features and services. 


An example is Spanning.  As of today it still does not even support Share

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Thanks for all your answers. Guess the best solution has yet to be created. Allthough the question stays active, my customers seem to be a lot more relaxed about backups

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Veeam has a backup tool but that's just for Exchange Online. https://www.veeam.com/backup-microsoft-office-365.html Read More
You can use the Layer2 Cloud Connector to keep SharePoint Online lists and libraries in sync with other data sources like databases, ERP/CRM, file shares, or SharePoint o... Read More


I was asked today by a colleage to search ( and delete) and email sent accidently by one of the managers  to mulple recipients. 


To do this in Exchange Online:  PowerShell I  normally open a remote session to access the necessary commands


$session = New-
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You need to be a member of one of the following Roles:


[21:18:56][O365]# Get-ManagementRole -Cmdlet Search-Mailbox

Name                  RoleType
----                  ----

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I see that they recently changed the Security & Compliance section of the portal, and more specifically, the eDiscovery section. My company uses those extensively to put our terminated users on hold so we can recover a license while not losing the mail.


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You can still connect to the Security and Compliance Center via Powershell as described here:



Once C

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Group, MessageOp conducted a survey of 101 Office 365 admins representing companies with less then 50 users to over 500 users.  We asked 12 questions regarding how much time they spend on managing the Office 365 platform.  The research reveals how much ti

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Chris, just saw the article in RCPmag and am surprised that there has not yet been any commentary on these survey results, as this is an important discussion. 


My first t

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