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Wondering if anyone has a script or can help me with a script

We have a issue where some calendar items are showing in-correctly in outlook when you edit them


If we view in the calendar or owa they look fine

If we edit in OWA they times are correct

But in Ou

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We are excited to introduce this week’s Friday Feature— @Bill Ayers. Bill runs a UK-based company that develops both ISV solutions and consults clients on SharePoint, Office 365 and mobile development. Read what he has to say about the transition to the c

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 My organization has been on O365 for about 6 months now, and the portal home page used to display 'Good Morning Janie' when I logged in.  About a month ago, I noticed that my name is missing and it displays only 'Good Morning' (or Good Afternoon).  My Ex

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Yes, it is missing also on our tenant. Probably Microsoft did some change on their end.


First Name Missing O365.JPG


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This is the same in all of my Tenants. I assumed this was a change made to the portal page by MS (and not my admin team)

Mine does not display my first name either.

Today, the Office 365 Team is excited to introduce a new, intelligent task management app that makes it easy to plan and manage your day. Say hello to Microsoft To-Do—now available in Preview.


To-Do comes from the team behind the Wunderlist app, and del

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With a self-provisioned account, what are the license requirements? Will it use up an E3 license for each user I provision?



I have turned on To-do on the tenant level but nothing is appearing, I am exepcting a tile to appear is this the correct behaviour or is this following TEAMS where th

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In December of last year, @Christian Buckley presented a webinar called Improving Your Personal Productivity. While new features and updates continue to be rolled out by Microsoft, Christian’s presentation focused on the incremental changes that individua

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Was this discussed at Ignite?  It has supposed to be coming for like a year now, was just curious if they finally mentioned a release date for it.

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Do you know where can i find the Adoption Content Pack for Power BI? (not the preview)



Here is the official announcement as well, with details on how to enter the preview: 


 Announcing the preview of the Office 365 adoption content pack in Power BI

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there is not release date yet just came to preview

Here is the video of the session: https://youtu.be/MT0cO80NqU8

Just requested to enter in the preview!! Thanks for sharing @Vasil Michev

I had a post on the Yammer network to provide news about updates to the readers of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook (see https://thoughtsofanidlemind.com/2016/06/02/introducing-office-365-for-it-pros-third-edition-now-available/), so I'll create one here.

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Office 365 for IT Pros 3rd Edition Ebook updated for 25 May. See http://wp.me/pSH8B-1kg for details.

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An update for May Day. Several chapters updated in Office 365 for IT Pros. Updates now available for EPUB/PDF and Kindle. http://wp.me/pSH8B-1kg for details.

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April 24 updates are now online for EPUB, PDF, and Kindle versions. See the change log at https://thoughtsofanidlemind.com/2016/06/09/office-365-for-it-pros-3rd-edition-list-of-updates-applied/

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A new update is posted and you can access the April 17 files online now.


We are working on the fourth edition and still plan on its release in early May. However, that's

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We've updated the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook (3rd Edition) again. The new files are dated 3 April 2017 and include information about recovery of Office 365 Groups, how

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After an extensive trial, Microsoft is preparing to release the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack to all enterprise tenants. Gaining insight into how people use the Office 365 applications will help tenants maximize their investment in the cloud. However,

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Thank you Tony.


Do you know the Release Date of it ?


You mentioned "...Also in the works is an API to allow tenants and ISVs access to the aggregated data used by the con

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On a user level, Office 365 Groups are one of the biggest selling points for moving to Office 365. They provide quick, easy access to an online workspace for communicating with colleagues and collaborating on documents and files. There’s little-to-no lear

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Hi Matt,


Great infographics. Congrats !

This is a great visual, and further pushes the point I know you like to make about Groups being a true "product offering" instead of just a "service".


  1. I need a Group (per
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I consider myself a SharePoint geek, but I play more and more in the larger Office 365 (O365) sphere these days. In doing so, I’ve noticed that O365 as a concept is difficult to explain… both to IT folks and the everyday workers who are expected to use it

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@Matt Wade has found an engaging way to present The Waffle (or La Gaufre), but the analogy could even be taken a little further! With a vague recollection of high school

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Thank you for sharing, this is a nice infograph.

I like this. Clean but comprehensive.

I'd work in O365 Groups.

Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

Just a suggestion: IMO, Sway should be connected to PowerPoint.

Nicely done!  I love these different ways of explaining Office 365, I am sure end-users respond well to this.  Anything that helps demystify the 'elements' of Office 365

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How can a user print a blog post?


If using the browser print preview, it ony shows part of page 1...



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Hope this helps, you can use this guide for printing in SharePoint. This works together with Office Web Apps.



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As of this morning, we are missing most of our app launcher tiles on Outlook on the Web.  Our theme is gone too.  It's not a license issue as far as I can tell.  The SharePoint app launcher and theme are not affected.  Basically, if you go to SharePoint o

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Yes we are experiencing this is there a fix.  thanks 

One of our help desk techs has figured out that updating OneDrive solves the issue of missing tiles. This has been done for two accounts so far and has worked. We will tr

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This has now been fixed in our tenant!

The all apps tab is also not available at many places in Sharepoint Online, is this related to the same issue? 

app launcher.png


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For those affected- has your skype chat/IM failed to launch as well?

We have a salesperson that frequently needs to communicate with the sales team of the evenings.  They want to be able to reach folks from their phone using one or more of the contact groups created in Outlook.  The contact groups (private) were created in

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Afaik ActiveSync does not support Contact groups, thus you will not be able to use them on mobiles.

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Do you mean a distribution group?

You can search the GAL in the groups pane of the native IOS Contacts app. 


Last week, we discussed ways to tune your network performance to improve end-user experience and speed up connectivity.


Network and migration planning is a crucial step prior to migrating to Office 365 to allow you to verify and test the estimated bandw

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Thank you for this info, it will help me a lot.

thank you for this great info!

Thank You

Very nice compilation Anna!

Will like to know if there is any side effect of giving a O365 E3 licence to users and deactivate all sub feature licence (flow, PowerApp, Sharepoint, Skype, planner) and just keep Teams.


During my test user still have access to SharePoint (Teams related

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License enforcement for SPO is a shady area, but if you are assigning an E3 license anyway, why not simply use those services? As Cian said, there are other features that

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I'd say have a look at the Practical Guidance for Microsoft Teams document (here is my copy)  but I didn't see that exact scenario listed but I did see this mentioned:



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