Why NDR message took two day?

Grace Yin

Why NDR message took two day?



An user sent out an email two days ago and just got the NDR message stating the "Your message wasn't delivered. Despite repeated attempts to deliver your message, the recipient's email system refused to accept a connection from your email system. " The user is pissed since it is an important email.


I wonder if there is a setting that configure the delivery attempts times or NDR message returning time?


Any help will be highly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Why NDR message took two day?

There used to be a setting on-prem, I'll have to look via Exchange for 365 if that can be controlled, but there is a timeout. Resend tries a certain number of times spread further apart. It's there incase something is temporarily down.

Users can also use message trace built right into their Outlook to see if the message gets delivered or not as well. Let me see if I can dig up if you can customize the retry count / timing in 365.

Re: Why NDR message took two day?

Hi Grace,

At the moment, there is no such feature.

Take a look at the following user voice.
You are not alone :)


Re: Why NDR message took two day?

Ahh, there is the answer i was looking for ^ I didn't think it could be done. I would recommend teaching users about using the message Trace built into Outlook if it's important and they want to know if go at least delivered to the recipients border devices.

In Outlook, go to the sent item, open it, then File > Open Delivery Report. If it gets struck, you should see it.

But this is all assuming your using 365 for sending your messages. I hand mine off to an Outbound spam device so this feature doesn't work for me cause it always shows the message was transferred or handed off :).

Re: Why NDR message took two day?

Hi Christopher,


Thank you for your quick response and suggestion. 


According to another reply from Ricardo, this is a known issue and Microsoft still hasn't had the setting to allow administrate to control message timeout.


Two days is unacceptable for business emails. I hope Microsoft can address this issue ASAP.


Thanks again,

Re: Why NDR message took two day?

Hi Ricardo,


Thank you for your information. I am surprised that Microsoft still hasn't addressed this issue. My user blamed administrator instead of Microsoft. :)


Thanks again,