What are known folders ???????

stev Wolf
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I am reading a Microsoft article called Redirect known folders to onedrive for business.

But I can not see any description as to what known folders actually are. Can someone list what the known folders are??

Eg is it Desktop, Downloads, pictures, videos, etc.


Sure there is information like here.

but I still dont know what folders are going to be redirected cause I know know the real names of these folders.

I understand that they are some new way if giving folders some sort of Identification, I read all that.

But What folders are they ??? Im confused.


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Yes they are those special folders you mentioned such as Desktop, Documents, Program Files, etc.  You can actually list them with this program, which I tried out and works ok:


Known Folders.png


Thank you very much I have downloaded the program it shows alot of files.


Thats a neat program. I wonder  if any subfolder is a known folder?





Yes I think so, anything listed with an identifier (GUID) looks like a Known Folder.  Many of them listed in the program can be cross-referenced with this list as well - KNOWNFOLDERID like Downloads - 374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B for example.

Thanks. again. Good to know.

@stev Wolf - To keep it simple in the OneDrive context, Known Folders = Documents, Desktop, and Pictures.