Unable to see "Open another mailbox..." in Outlook Web App

Abhishek Kumar
Occasional Contributor

After Outlook on the web update, I am unable to find out the option to open another mailbox. So, I had to switch back to old Outlook.


- New Outlook



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Sadly that's a known limitation with the "preview" experience. It should eventually be addressed, but for the time being if you need it, you must use the old experience.

Thanks Vasil,

Hope this comes soon to the new experience as well.

Is there any update for this issue?
Haven’t heard anything and it’s still not there yet


There is no option currently, but there is a workaround. As memory serves from doing many migrations over the years and assuming you have full permissions over the mailbox you should be able to open it be changing the browser URL from



as in

And assuming you have full permissions it should open. As said, I know its not the actual function as of yet, but it may be a workaround of use.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

Thanks, it works as a workatound!
But, evantually we will need a proper solution for all our end users.
Thanks again!
Best, Alvaro

Eventually, the new Outlook web app will get this option :)

Hope this feature comes soon to the new OWA experience
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