Skype for Business icon has disappeared from Outlook web app

Jon Cutting
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Hello, everyone! I use Office 365 web apps frequently when I'm not in the office—I can't install full versions of Outlook, Excel, etc. on my personal computer (not Windows or Mac). That wasn't really a problem until this morning, when Outlook asked me to upgrade to the "new Outlook" on the web. I hit OK, and everything looked good...until I noticed that the Skype for Business icon is now missing in the upper-right navigation bar. Was this by design? I know Microsoft is phasing out Skype for Teams, but to just remove the web interface without warning? My company has been slow in migrating to Teams, and most of our users still use Sky for Business exclusively. How do I continue to use Skype for Business in the web interface?

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When you open a new meeting window, do you have a scroll bar with options of Skype or teams in the middle right?

Hi, Adam. No, I do not have the option to add a Skype or Teams meeting anymore. I did before I went to the "new Outlook." Also, I no longer have the icon to open the Skype for Business chat function.
Just to make clear, if you toggle back you get the features back?

Ah, yes. If I toggle back, the Skype for Business icons appear again in the navigation menu and in the new meeting options. I prefer the interface of the "new Outlook" for the web, but without Skype for Business, it's unusable for me.

Yes, there is no Skype for Business icon in the new experience, in favor of MS Teams. This is by design.

Hello @Kevin Crossman 


What if the customer is using a SFB standalone plan 2? They have still not decided to adopt Teams and are on a Skype for Business Only Coexistence mode org wide. They are not seeing the "Add Skype Meeting" option in OWA when setting up a Calendar Event.


Can this be remediated by Support?