Simplify O365 / M365 Licensing ?

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1. I have about 4k users enabled for O/M 365 today

2. I am using group based licensing as of today to assign licenses to all users

3. Due to requirements in my org i already have upto 27 groups based on the services to be enabled for a group of users ?

4. I am finding it way to difficult and complex now to maintain and manage who has what

5. I worsen's when there is request for bulk users to be switched from category of license to another say from E3 to E5, i have ensure all E3 based groups user is a part of must also be switched to E5 based groups

6. Does Microsoft has any plans to come out with some UI to simplfy this or further more some PS way to make easier for admins to manage licensing




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AFAIK, MS does not have any immediate plans to bring our licence management tools even though there are multiple uservoices open for licensing management improvements.

However, there is some good management tools on the Technet gallery such as


Which may make life easier.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

@Himanshu Singh 

Was wondering if you could help me with a problem I'm faced with. Is it possible for you to show me what the M365 E5 license looks like on the portal please?

I would really appreciate a screenshot or even an extract from  Get-AzureADSubscribedSku | Select SkuPartNumber would be most helpful.

I suspect there's been a mistake in the order processing as the M365 SKU does not appear in my portal.

@Christopher Hoard 


How about using Power App and Power BI combination to generate these details ?
Can some body try this or has this combination be tried already,
certainly will free from connecting to azure ad pswsh etc....


Hi @Himanshu Singh,

Of course it may be possible. However, I would say that if there was a great need for this then Microsoft would already have it, or there would be a third party who would have already developed it. You would have some options here

1.) Investigate, and if possible, develop it yourself
2.) Reach out to third party provider - simply do a search in your browser and several third parties should appear
3.) Raise a Uservoice at https://office365.uservoice.com/

Note there are lots of uservoices open to improve licence management so there could already be one in there. I see there is also requests to manage licences via templates to make them more easily manageable


However, despite all these ways to go, there does not appear to be a tool that you need that does this for free at the current time - not through Microsoft or via a Microsoft associated site such as the Technet Gallery.

Best, Chris
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