Resource Scheduling in Room

Hasan Siddiqui
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Resource Scheduling in Room


I have a room and i want to restrict it so only members of specific group or DDL can book it. I am setting Scheduling permissions. 


The attached pic is what my current configuration is. There is DL in first option and there is DL in second option as well. I am member of second option DL. When i send meeting request to this room, it send me message that your meeting is pending approval. But who will approve this. Because when i set delegate from EAC, it remove this option. When i select this option, it remove delegate. So who is gettign email to approve it? 


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Re: Resource Scheduling in Room

Hi Hasan,


The second option requires owner approval so that is why it stays as pending. Regarding the owner, it is the resource itself so the request will be in resource mailbox.


The easiest way to accomplish what you want is through PS:
Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity -AllBookInPolicy $false -AllRequestInPolicy $false -BookInPolicy





Also verify if: 

Re: Resource Scheduling in Room

Thanks Ricardo. 

So where this PS is adding a DL which requires approval? 

I have one DDL which needs no approval. 

I have one DL which should ask for approval. 

Rest of users should just get deny. 


Is there any way to achieve? Like someone else other than the resource itself should approve request. Is it possible? 


Re: Resource Scheduling in Room

Sorry Hasan i miss understood your issue.


I think you are only missing the delegate, have you set one?


Via PowerShell it would look like this:
Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity -AllBookInPolicy $false -AllRequestInPolicy $false -ForwardRequestsToDelegates $true -BookInPolicy -RequestInPolicy -ResourceDelegates


I could do it but it takes some time to replicate.


Hope this helps

Re: Resource Scheduling in Room

Thanks Ricardo. 


Any idea why it is not working from GUI? 

Re: Resource Scheduling in Room

Hey Hasan,

It worked for me, I just added a delegate through EAC and configured the scheduling.

The powershell parameters I have used are set that way by default.

Re: Resource Scheduling in Room

Thanks a lot Ricardo. 

EAC is not working for me. When i set delegation on EAC, it changes the settings on Resource Scheduling in OWA. 

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