Quarantine link not working

Renzo Patricio Carpio
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Quarantine link not working

Hello guys,

The following links is being used my several of my customers to access items in quarantine in case they cannot wait for the daily digest:


It has been ok for a while, but starting last week, some users are reporting that the link is not working.

I tested with several users and the link is indeed not working.

They get the following screen:



Any ideas?


-Renzo Patricio

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Re: Quarantine link not working

It's moved to the SCC now: https://protection.office.com/#/quarantine

Re: Quarantine link not working

Thanks, Vasil!  This has been a thorn in my side for quite a bit.  Strange that Microsoft couldn't have put a simple redirect in the old link, or a page stating that it had changed.  Oh well.  

Re: Quarantine link not working

No argument on that, but the folks at Microsoft obviously have their own views...

Re: Quarantine link not working

That looks like the admin link; and yes, it does take me to the Protection admin console.


The https://protection.office.com/quarantine gives me a 404.


Any idea where the new USER quarantine is?  Waiting for the nightly email is not acceptable.


Re: Quarantine link not working

You're missing the number sign:




That should work for users and admins.  I tested it with a non-admin account and was able to access the users quarantine from there.  Only issue is that its a bit hidden and you might miss it if you don't click around a bit.

Re: Quarantine link not working

I see that now.  Biggest problem is that the Phish/Bulk/Spam are now separated out on a drop down.  Guess we're teaching users how to read the whole screen once and for all. :)


I reviewed the last few dozen messages on the O365 message center.  Was this documented somewhere as a change that I missed?


The IOS Outlook app removing contacts and placing it all under one search window was another change that we missed being notified (I don't read the Roadmap page as a habit... who has time for that?) and after, what I am assuming was thousands of tickets, they posted it to the O365 message center as a special alert to notify people.


Thank you for the information.



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