Problem with Microsoft Outlook 2016 and Direct Access

Amir Nuhic
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Hello everyone,


I have problem to configure Outlook 2016 - Office365 account over Direct Access. I was read many forums and solutions in registry or over power-shell without success. When I use wired connection everything work well but with WiFi connection Direct Access tunneling I have message below in picture:error.JPG

Problem stay too long for all Direct access users in my company. Can I get working solution for this problem? I was try both version Microsoft Office and Office 365 with same error and many other fixes from other forums. I have updated Windows 10 1803 and last Office 2016 with all updates. Problem is stay only when I use Direct Access and try to configure Outlook 2016 profile. Sorry about my bad English.





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So when you are plugged in you don't have direct access but on wifi it enables it? are the networks separated or can you disconnect from direct access on wifi and everything works?
Seems unless by design that your IT network guys need to make sure that the DNS entries are reachable by the wifi clients to prevent it from connecting.

If it's required over the wifi then well come up with more idea from that, but direct access is the devil when it comes to DNS, and usually what i've seen is it'll try using external dns for internal services etc. and it won't allow it to hit your local auto discover because it's sitting on external dns IP and it won't let you route internal to external interface. Easiest way to determine is usually host file overrides for your autodiscover address assuming it still points to on-prem.

Yes that is correct on wire everything is ok but when I use Laptop at home and WiFi it is automaticly connected to Direct Acces over WiFi. Our network administrators are try many solution for this problem but with no success. Outlook 2016 can work over DA when I configure outlook on Laptop connected directly to LAN(over wire) but for users that try configure Outlook over DA directly(over WiFi) for first Office 365 usage(delete old exchange profile and try to create new office 365 profile) it is imposible to switch account and create new Office 365 profile like in picture above. We can use Office 365 mail over web and all other Office 365 application in DA but problem is only for local Outlook 2016 application.

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