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Can someone tell me which timezone the usage reports are in?  The number of staff using Outlook at 1am is too large for me to be comfortable that they are in the timezone of the tenancy.




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Hello Lloyd Adams,


I doubt it may be based on the timezone set in the mailbox. Can you check the timezone of the mailboxes which were reporting that the login occurred around 1 AM?


I have used Microsoft Usage Reporting API directly and didn't find any mismatch in the timezone so far. If you need to view the data based on your current timezone then you may need to directly access the API or use any 3rd party tool. 


You can try the below tool which gives you the reporting based on your current timezone.


Ok thanks for that. I'll take a look.  To give the  full picture, this is for the report that shows users still using RPC to connect to EoL.  

Usage Report > Email Activity uses UTC timezone on its Last Activity Date.


Last Activity Date.png



Adding here @Anne Michels

@Lloyd Adams

Have you correctly set the Group timezone? It defaults to Pacific Time.

Could this be the reason?

Just an idea...

Group timezone?  Perhaps I'm being dense this morning, but not sure what group you are referring to.

Every site has a time zone which defaults to Pacific Time. Every time you create a site (or a Group), you should adjust such time zone to the correct one (if different from the default).

You can do it either by PowerShell or by using the relevant site page (e.g. https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/sitename/_layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx).

If you don't, you will get wrong times for the document library items, among the other things.

Almost surely this has nothing to do with your problem, but you could investigate about it...

Was aware and understand this.  However the report is one of the standard ones in the O365 portal, so not relevant (I think). Thanks anyway. 


On the graph that is displayed with usage reports it does say UTC, but I'm not convinced that is carried over to the excel downloadable report.  Happy to be proved wrong.

Actually, I'm beggining to suspect the whole RPC report.  Some users appearing on it assure me they not using Outlook 2007 at the time (or even the day) it reports they were.

Hi Lloyd,

correct, the reports are in UTC. Can you send me an email to anne.michels@microsoft.com with screenshots of the descrepancies so that we can look into it?



I've had a week out the office, so have no up to date examples.  When I have something I'll forward it on.

Unfortunately, the report itself is also a week out of date, which makes it of no use whatsoever.



Thanks, Lloyd. 

There is currently an issue that is causing a delay. We're working on fixing it.

This (ie reporting via the portal) really is a very unreliable part of O365.  It briefly started to work after a incident was raised earlier in the week, the incident was closed, and the data has not updated since.     Is anyone doing any RCA on this issue?

I'm having the same problem.  I need to monitor and report on weekend usage but can't figure out how to change it from UCT to AEST (link mentioned above no longer goes anywhere).

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