Move from Pop3 To office 365 but with stll active licensed Sharepoint users.

Ste Pap
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I have a customer with office 365 8 licences.

They are using sharepoint and onedrive, with this licence as <name>@onmicrosft.com. They are 8 users plus  2 of them have PowerBI in your account.

He want to enable emails in office 365.

Question is whats going on now? Can i use the existing user setup and transfom it to the new domain name? Or i have to delete licence from onmicrosft account and add it to the new created user?

I attached a SS from users.

What will affect the existing installation in the sharepoint?

p.s. Also i will inform that will registered 2 domain names.

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Ste Pap,


Step frist validate a domainname.


The next show them selve. 



You can have multiple domains in the same O365 tenant, that's not a problem. Once you add the new domain, you can change their UPN, email address and any other attributes to use it, instead of the @onmicrosoft.com one. Don't forget to configure the required DNS records.