Microsoft Bookings - How to make adjustable timeslots?

Oskar Kuus

Microsoft Bookings - How to make adjustable timeslots?

How can i make it so that my customers can book a 5 minute seassion or a 3 hour seasson?

It seems now they can only make a reservation for a pre-set time that i decide?


I need my customers to be able to make a reservation for any length they want... not be restricted!!


Anyone able to help me fix this?

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Re: Microsoft Bookings - How to make adjustable timeslots?

Is this not possible with MS Bookings?

Re: Microsoft Bookings - How to make adjustable timeslots?

Hi Oskar,


I'm a developer on the Microsoft Bookings team. At this point, we don't support the customer specifying a custom duration when booking through the booking page. A workaround might be to create separate versions of the same service - each with a different duration.


Please go ahead and register your interest on our UserVoice page and we will let you know if this functionality is added in the future: 





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Re: Microsoft Bookings - How to make adjustable timeslots?

sad to hear that this is not supported.

do you have any idea if this option is being worked on?

if i would use your workaround i would need to create way to many services for the customers. it would be ridicules for the customers to pick the correct one :D

for example i offer rental of computers. the customers can rent it for 15 minutes up to 8 hours... so if i want to create a service for that computer for 15 min booking, 30 min booking, 45min booking, 60min booking, 1hour 15min booking, 1 hours 30min booking and so on................ it would be a bit strange and non-flexible for the customers (and me).

but most importantly... is there a solution for this being worked on? should i expect to wait a few months or is it waaay in the future?

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