List Of All Office 365 Services


List Of All Office 365 Services


I'm looking for a list of everything Office 365 has to offer, service by service and ideally with basic details on each. Is there an official list anywhere?



Exchange Online

Skype for Business Online




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Re: List Of All Office 365 Services

I'm also looking same list, specially to disable some services to users. When I run the following command at powershell

(Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName "user@domain.com").Licenses.ServiceStatus.serviceplan|select servicename,servicetype

I get this list of services, but I would like to add the description to them so could be more informative for other admins.



Re: List Of All Office 365 Services

maybe this image is of help!




Re: List Of All Office 365 Services

That's a great graphic - found the original source here:




I might use that one, but at the same time would be good to have an official source on all these services rather than a 3rd party.

Re: List Of All Office 365 Services


Can you try adding those links again please? None of them seem to work...

Re: List Of All Office 365 Services

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They used to have a spreadsheet which was pretty comprehensive but it has been retired. This gets tremondously complicated if you need to look at foreign countries (not every thing is available in every country) or if you need to consider Government (which does not have everything). Education gets some stuff that Enterprise doesn't have (e.g. Forms and other stuff).


In addition to the Service Descriptions linked to above, there are the various services that you get with the EM+S suite (Azure AD Premium, Azure Info Protection, Intune, etc) that effectively extend Office 365 service functionality.


There is a very nice infographic at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/office-365-isnt-just-cloud-kirsty-mcgrath. It is a few months old, so it is slightly incomplete,  but it does a great job of conveing just how much stuff is in the suite.


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