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Until March 2017 we had a Windows Desktop OS EA for 3500 devices, this was not renewed as we purchased 3000 M365 E3 licenses, 12000 K1 licenses, and 15000 EMS E3 licenses. We still have Windows 7 on 95% of our devices.


My question is, are F1 users permitted to log into these Windows 7 machines? I know they cant use Office ProPlus on them, but they would like them to access online training resources etc. Technically I know they can, I just do not want to violate our license agreement.


I believe the 3500 devices licenses we did have under our original EA allows us to use the version of Windows 10 available on the day we stopped the EA, but nothing newer? So until we upgrade them to a new version fo W10, the devices are still licenses and an F1 user can log in.


I wasn’t involved in the purchase of these licenses, so why these decisions were made I can not answer!

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The license terms only apply to O365, desktop access is not part of them. As long as you have the necessary licenses/CALs for Windows 7, you should be fine.


As a general rule though, for any licensing questions you should contact your Microsoft representatives - no one here is authorized to quote Microsoft licensing terms.

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