Decommission from one tenant to become separate tenant

Naqash Ahmed
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A customer of mine has been using Office 365 A3 which was actually a tenant for their parent university. Now the child (my customer) wants to become separate entity by having their own Office 365 tenant. 


How can they move their mailboxes and other data from the parent company?

How to route emails to the new tenant (child)?


Please guide.

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this includes several steps but in overall:


- Create a new tenant

- How is the identitys created/synced? How do the current setup look! Users in common AD today? Cloud only?

Is their domainname in current tenant - Shall it be moved or replaced?

If moved - the domainname need to be decommissioned in the current tenant then added to the new one

Regarding migration a third-party tool is recommended..There is a few great tools out there - just search for Office 365 migration tools

The DNS records for the domain needs to be setup for the domain(s) used

Will the same DNS provider be used, same domainname or new?


/ Adam



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Quadrotech - Management, Reporting and Migration for Office 365

Also, define "other data", Office 365 has a vast array of workloads. Splitting up e-mail is probably one of the easiest, together with OneDrive. Then it gets more "hairy" when you go to Sharepoint and others

Quadrotech - Management, Reporting and Migration for Office 365


As for mailbox migration between Office 365 tenants, it is recommended to use a third party tool like CodeTwo Office 365 Migration: https://www.codetwo.com/office-365-migration/


The tool has a free trial version available if you would like to give it a try.




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