Check out the Office Online Interactive Guides (click-through demos)....Feedback needed

Michael Kophs

Check out the Office Online Interactive Guides (cl...

Hello IT Enthusiasts!

I'm on the Office IT Pro readiness team at MS and am always looking for impactful resources that make it easy for our customers and partners to get up to speed on Microsoft technologies.  If you have attended past events (MS Ignite, Tech Summits, Build, etc) you are probably familiar with the many labs that we provide in our dedicated lab rooms, covering a wide range of topics (Azure, Office & Windows).  We also have an inventory of Click-Through demos (aka. Online Interactive Guides), that cover a range of Office solutions. 


For those of you interested, please run through a few of these and let me know what you think.

  • Do you like the "click-through" format?
  • Do you like to learn this way?
  • Do you prefer labs or Online Interactive Guides to see first-hand how MS technologies work? 
  • What products/services would you like to see? (The guides listed are Office focused but feel free to name any product)

There are certainly pros and cons to both labs and Online Interactive Guides (labs mirror the "real" experience but take longer to complete and can be prone to more errors, while OIGs almost always work as expected and take less time to complete but don't allow for exploration within the enviroment and tend to get outdated quickly).


Please let me know your thoughts on the below Online Interactive Guides.  If the community finds these valuable, we will make them a priority and ramp up our current inventory with new experiences (Microsoft Teams, MyAnalytics, updated Office Pro Plus apps etc). 


Online Interactive Guides



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Re: Check out the Office Online Interactive Guides...

These will be super useful to give to end users to help them learn about resources - e.g. How to use Groups.



Re: Check out the Office Online Interactive Guides...

The OIG's are good and very clear I have to say. One thing is not so much the lack of training and support content from MS (there's a lot of great stuff out there) but it's finding it and knowing how up to date it is.

Re: Check out the Office Online Interactive Guides...

This is pretty cool and can be used for training super users, champions, etc. as part of user adoption programs, refresher courses, best practice advice, and a number of different scenarios that I can think of.


Please keep them coming, some of the things I would love to see personally including:


Setting up Azure storage

O365 Mobile apps

O365 Web app

Hybrid deployment

External website setup


I better stop here, this is really cool.

Re: Check out the Office Online Interactive Guides...

Many are directed at End Users and not IT Professionals. More interactive guides on some of the more technical side would be very useful.


Easy to follow along, doesn't use very technical language and any techie type language are included in the interactive guide narration component.

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