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Since October last year, I've been promoting the use of Video with Yammer. Since we now have the ability to play the videos in Yammer, my adoption is booming...


I would like to extract/view the consumption of videos and channels in Power BI. Type of infor

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Sorry, we don't have any of our data / logs for O365 Video hooked up to PowerBI. 


As we build out statistics/analytics into Stream in the future we'll likely do more th

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Based on the Message Center post below...


Unclear what this means for orgs like ours using O365 Video.

  • Will there be two App Launcher Tiles for Video and Stream?  How will that work in practice? Will there essentially be two video portals?
  • Looks like we can
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I'm confused whether Stream is now GA or not.

The article says "Stream will reach general availability this spring" and it is now mid-June. However, when I go to the Strea... Read More

@Marc Mroz, will the same quotas and limitations exist in Stream GA that do in Stream Preview mentioned here: https://stream.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/stream-quotas-and-limitations/

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Great progress. Looking forward to seeing all these new features.


Quick question on external users.


If the underlying group accepts users external to the org, I'm assumin

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What does it mean for Enterprise Customers that use O365 Video as a source to surface videos using Delve or even video aggregation solutions using Search? With the transi

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I just hope we can organize videos better in Stream than in Video. Really liked O365Video but was very limited.

To better connect with all of you about Microsoft Stream we've added a Microsoft Stream community here on the Microsoft Tech Community.


For the latest information and discussions on Microsoft Stream please join the new community for Stream: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Stream/ct-p/MicrosoftStream

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Phew...!! so much of things going on...!!! Thanks for the update.

Today Microsoft Stream went out of preview and is now generally available. See the Office Blog post for more details on all the new cool stuff for Stream, or check out Stream for yourself. With Stream we’ve added automatic speech to text transcripts to al

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Ey @Marc Mroz any upcoming changes to Stream limits ? Or  for now the limits described bellow are still valid?


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The Stream help documentation has been updated this morning to reflect the new changes coming to Stream. The new set of quotas/limits is updated on this page: https://stream.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/stream-quotas-and-limitations/

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All those limits are going to increase a ton when Stream goes GA. We are finishing up the help doc updates now so they are ready for golive. 

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Does anyone know if there is a way to create a playlist of videos within a specific channel? Or failing that, has anyone created a custom video carousel that can be embedded within SharePoint that features a selection of videos from a channel? 

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We don't support playlists in O365 Video or Stream. Playlists support is on the list of ideas for the future in Stream.


In Stream you can use #hashtags. So you could so

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@Marc Mroz: Thanks for the insight so far. I have a few questions: 

  1. I want to understand which type of Group gets a Stream channel. I believe you're talking Outlook Groups in these forums, which makes sense. But...
    1. Does a Yammer Feed get a Stream Channel?
    2. Ho
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@Matt Wade - Sorry for my delay. I was out last week and just catching up this week now.


We would be a new blue box for "Microsoft Stream" with the action of "+Create a

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Uploaded a 100MB, 6 min long, mp4 video to Stream. The original video is crisp and clear. But, in Stream, the video is blurry. I understand that videos can start off blurry at a lower resolution and then adjust the resolution based on the bandwidth and be

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@Deepthi Yathiender - How long after the video was uploaded did you try playing the video? We do some optimazation to allow you to play the video before all the quality l

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Thanks for providing the feedback, and we will investigate this. We may need access to sample content to find the root cause - we'll get back with more details

Is it possible to enable Office 365 Video for certain users and groups? If so, how do we enable without displaying the tile in the App Launcher? We want to provide access to Office 365 Video in a pilot program for a limited audience. Thanks much.

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Sorry, but this is not possible...Office 365 Video can be configured On/Off for the entire organization.


Please let us know about the recent limitations about the O365 Videos. For exmaple the file size limitations, number of channel limitations etc. Is it similar to sharepoint online as it is built on top it.





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Currently Office 365 Video does not have the ability to "time-mark" videos similar to what youtube. This functionality would be very nice to have as our organization has

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When we want to block sign-up for Microsoft Stream on Azure AD via the procedure that was placed on the Stream-website.



We are recei

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I have now the same Problem. Have anyone an Idea why this happens?

Warm regards!

It seems to be solved in AAD.

Somebody ?

I admit to not paying close attention recently, but have there been any further announcements (or even hints) as to when Office 365 Video and Microsoft Stream will converge?



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Correct, we haven't made any announcments.


We are working out the engineering plans on how exactly we'll do the convergence and what timelines we'll shoot for.



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There have been a couple of announcements with new functionality with Steam, but it will take some more time I think... Keep watching the Stream blog for more info.

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None yet, keep checking the Office 365 Roadmap site.


When embedding a video in O365 SharePoint, the embedded video is missing the control for fullscreen playback.

Is it possible to resolve the issue with embedding in O365 SharePoint, so that the embedded player can make the video fullscreen?

Any workaround

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This is an issue with IE and SharePoint classic pages.

SharePoint classic pages have it listed in the header of the page to force IE into IE10 Render mode.

In IE10 render

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Mmm...are you adding the video in a modern page or in a classic one? In a classic page I can see the full screen option and I can use it...and in a modern page same exper... Read More

How is offboarding/retention handled in Streams?  Since the videos and channels are tied to the person that uploaded/created them, what happens when that user leaves the company?  I see that even if I give another user contribute access to a channel it do

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@Noah Souza - there are two options

  • The content is actually owned by the company and not by user so Admin can come and re-assign ownership, delete, update, etc.
  • With GA
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Today, Microsoft announced the preview of Microsoft Stream, a new business video service that makes it easier to access and discover video content inside your organization. Microsoft Stream builds upon the learnings and success of Office 365 Video, and ov

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I don't have O365 video and have been denied access to trialling the stream as my admin doesn't allow it. I'm the admin and want to allow it! We have O365 biz premium - i... Read More

My view of the announcement, as reported on ITunity.com.


I guess you can’t have too many services to upload, organize, and play back videos. Microsoft has actually done a

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@Mark Kashman should an Office 365 Business Premium invest the time to evaluate the new Stream service? We were once a Midsize plan customer that tested the Video service

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@Mark Kashman What would be your advice for companies who are currently evaluating Office 365 Video?

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