Video API Not Working

Oliver Guo
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Video API Not Working



I met a strange problem.

Our app using Video API to provide video service for 6 months. It's been working very well.

Since Yesterday, our app still receive an "Unknow Error" when calling Video API:


{"odata.error":{"code":"-1, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.UnknownError","message":{"lang":"en-US","value":"Unknown Error"}}}


Some request can be successfull after several retries. But for now, every request was failed :-(


Is SP Online changed its auth method? or Video has stopped API support?


Looking forward to a timely reply.




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Re: Video API Not Working

Hi @Oliver Guo - I'm still out of the office for a few more weeks, so I'm not following any reccent changes / issues. I think the quickest resolution of this issue would be to open a support ticket. They can escalate to the product group if it turns out to be something we need to look at or fix. Sorry. 


Re: Video API Not Working

We experienced the same issue today, and after some testing using different tools found out that "User-Agent" header is required when doing a request. When doing a httpclient request using c#, this was not included as default, and had to be added manually:


_httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("User-Agent", @"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.113 Safari/537.36");


the User-Agent could be whatever, but we used chromes. 



Kjell Erik


Re: Video API Not Working

Thank you Marc

Re: Video API Not Working

wow, cool : )

Re: Video API Not Working

Hi Oliver -- we had an issue in the REST API that was introduced last week.  A customer reported it to us last Friday around 14:40 UTC, and we had a fix in production at 15:20 UTC.


While we do keep an eye on the forums for support issues like this, it's best to open a support ticket with CSS.  Providing a network trace (Fiddler or .HAR from Edge or Chrome) right at the start helps us quickly identify what's happening.



Re: Video API Not Working

Thanks for your feedback Steve :-)


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