Office 365 Video Now Supports Kiosk Plans as View Only

Marc Mroz

Users in your organization with Kiosk licenses (Office 365 Enterprise K1/K2) now have access to the O365 Video portal directly to browse and watch videos.


O365 Video Enabled for Kiosk Plan -smaller.gif

Previously Kiosk users could only watch videos that were embeded outside of the video portal. Now Kiosk users can play and browse videos inside the video portal directly. These kiosk users will have view only access and will not be able to upload videos, create channels, modify video metadata, or change channel settings, etc.


These changes are live in production now for O365 Video. The office.com marketing sites will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect this new ability added to the kiosk plan.

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Great addition!!!

This is awesome news! This is going to be a game changer for our organization! Thank you for continuing to improve Office 365 video!

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