O365 Video to Stream

Tim Crean

O365 Video to Stream

I have been looking at Stream over the past few days and I have a question related to channel permissions and how they will migrate over to Stream.


Our current O365 Video offering relies on channels with 1 or more owners who manage the permissions on the channel (Owners, Editors,Viewers).  Owners use AD groups or just individual O365 accounts to manage permissions.


From what I am seeing in Stream, a Channel can only use Office 365 Groups (Stream groups) to set permissions on the channel.  We are in the process of planning for O365 Groups, but at this time we do not have many groups and it is highly unlikely that we will give users the ability to create O365 groups.


It seems that Stream has made an architectural decision based on the fact that everyone is fully implementing Office 365 Groups.  Did I miss something?


Hoping @Marc Mroz is still monitoring this community.





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Re: O365 Video to Stream

Hey @Tim Crean!


We did take a architectural bet on O365 Groups. Since so many O365 services are doing this same thing, we needed to do something similiar so that we can easily do deeper integrations with them in the future (Teams, Yammer, SP, Outlook, StaffHub, etc) and have the same base set of permissions enforced. 


This does mean that you are constrined to Owners/Members in a Group and can't nest securty groups. 


However for migrating the channels from O365 Video to Stream, we are not going to be automatically making new O365 Groups for them. We'll have a "special" group type in Stream that will port over the owners/editors/viewers and all permissions (including security groups) from the O365 Video channel. This will allow us to have a 1 to 1 mapping of O365 Video channels to a group entity in Stream with exact permissions.


For Stream GA we decided to stick with just exposing the owners/member on the O365 Group in Stream to not make things complicated.


But when we do the migration we'll have a Stream group that is NOT connected to an o365 group. In the back of my mind I have a feeling that when we do this we might also need/want to allow creation of groups in Stream in this same way.


We haven't set this as the plan yet, but would love your and other customer's feedback after they've played with Stream to see if this is needed or not. I think we need you all to use Stream groups that are connected to O365 Groups for a while to see how it feels. If after using it for a while you feel you need a Stream group that's not connected to groups we can think about doing that, as technically under the covers we'll have the ability to do so.

Re: O365 Video to Stream

I'm pretty vehemently opposed to Groups as the primary mechanism, the more i look at the new Stream format. It is SO confusing to me, and i swear i understand Groups better than most anyone.

The O365 Video model was the correct one for a corporate Video Portal solution

I have no problem with Stream as a general Group service just to have one, but not for formal corporate delivery, and really hope 'companywide' channels grow up into what O365 Video is/was. The number of Groups is creating too much 'noise'.

Please dont auto provision Groups for customers, we already have o365 groups for many channels, and this would result in needless duplication. I'm sure its messy to plan the migration technically this was, but id give customers the choice for each channel.

Re: O365 Video to Stream

I agree 100%

Re: O365 Video to Stream

I think both models have something to offer. Small teams will surely enjoy the Stream GA permissions model and the ability to place a video in multiple channels. But for organizational use there is definitely a need for the Office 365 Video permissions model and support for groups in Azure AD. I have a existing channels that use these types of objects and I would hope a migration would support that.

Re: O365 Video to Stream

That porting will be helpful but for sure the lack of support for Active Directory security groups will be a pain point for us. Especially for Viewing permissions when it is set to something less than "everyone" and more than "small group."  e.g. "everyone in R&D business unit" - we don't have O365 Groups for those things and I suspect most orgs don't.

Re: O365 Video to Stream

Thank you so much for the feedback everyone. We will definitely factor this into the thinking. Two things we will have for sure are

  • New Stream Groups as they work in Stream GA (tied to Office 365 Groups)
  • "Special" Stream Groups to migrate existing Office 365 Video channels (not tied to Office 365 Groups).

The feedback on this thread seems to indicate that we should allow creating these "Special" Stream groups for non migration scenarios too.



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