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Does anyone know if there is a way to create a playlist of videos within a specific channel? Or failing that, has anyone created a custom video carousel that can be embedded within SharePoint that features a selection of videos from a channel? 

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We don't support playlists in O365 Video or Stream. Playlists support is on the list of ideas for the future in Stream.


In Stream you can use #hashtags. So you could sort of use that to make a list of videos across Stream, but since this isn't full playlists that won't help if they need to be in a specfic order, etc.

Ey Mark, related to the initial question: are you going to allow at some time in the future to introduce customizations in Stream (not asking about Office 365 Video since I understand Office 365 Video will disappear at some time in the futue ;-))

There is now a Stream SharePoint Online modern page webpart that allows you to show videos from a channel on the page. We have ideas to improve this webpart over time to allow other display types like carousel, list, big cards, small cards, etc. 


See how the Stream SPO webpart works here: https://stream.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/stream-with-sharepoint/

SharePoint Stream Webpart.png 


We don't have plans for customization on Stream right now but would welcome your feedback/ideas.

@Marc Mroz, is this still accurate? I'm surprised Stream doesn't offer a way to make playlists. Do you have another suggestion for displaying a list of videos in a specific order within a channel?

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