Permissions Model & Privilege management in o365

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Hi, I'm looking for refined permission model for Exchange Online, Skype for business and Azure AD. Is there anyway to achieve this feature?


When will you release "Privilege management in o365" for all tenants?


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Hello Dhivya,


Privileged Access Management in Office 365 is available today for all tenants with E5 or Advanced Compliance SKUs. You can signup for the preview here: https://previews.office.com/ with the code PAM044.


With regards to the first part of your question, could you please elaborate on the 'refined permission model', and describe a scenario that you're looking to solve?


Thank you,


Hi Abhishek, What are the limitations of privileged access on O365? Is there a minimum and maximum time limit for providing this privileged access to any user?

Hello Deepak,


Privileged Access in Office 365 is scoped to a single task, and today available for tasks in Exchange. We will enable PAM for other workloads in future. 

The request duration, is configurable. Users requesting for JIT access for a specific task, can configure the duration for which they need access. Today there is no limit on duration. 





Hi Abhishek,


ok, Thank You!

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