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This morning I discovered that all the sections and pages in a group notebook had vanished! After I'd calmed down, I found the missing pages in the recycle bin.

Is it possible to make the notebook attached to a group read only by members other than the own

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The only way would be to go into the Site Assets library where the OneNote file is stored and manually change the permissions.
Ideally users should be trained as to the be... Read More
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My organization is just starting to roll out O365 Groups. IT has disabled the ability for end-users to create their own groups, but the Support Desk will create them for end-users on a request-by-request basis. One end-user contacted me to learn more abou

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Cany you right-click on it, if yes you can try removing it from the list and restart Outlook. In general, Autodiscover needs to be working properly for Groups to work as

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Is it working for other users in the same group?

Have you tried dropping her access to the group and re-adding it?

Hi all,


I hope that someone can help me. 

We promote the creation of groups, so we can close the network drives.

A lot of users are creating mail merge documents in Word and use an excel as source.

But when the excel file is in a group it is not possible to

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Well you can now sync Group files on your PC, so I imagine it should be possible that way?

Has the "Open with Explorer" feature ever been discussed as it relates to the Groups files?  That functionality has been very useful on a few occasions when migrating data from one library to another in SharePoint.

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I prefer to use File Explorer over the NGSC

It is still available when documents are opened in Internet Explorer. AFAIK, it workes only in IE as it depends on ActiveX control. 


 Open in Internet ExplorerOpen in Internet Explorer

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It's my understanding that Open in Explorer is on its way out. I forget the limitations that were listed. Anyone care to comment?

There’s still a lot of confusion around Office 365 Groups and how they work with Microsoft Teams, so I’ve partnered with the team at AvePoint to write a post about how they work together.

The post covers confusion around product names, integrations, and sc

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I have to migrate several old projects into (new) Office Groups. One of the tasks is to 'import' (lots of) old mails for reference. Sometimes I have old (and shared) PST files as source. In other cases the mails are stored in old public folders. 


It seems

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Haven't personally tested it (yet), but QuadroTech's ADAM should support ingestion of PF items to O365 Groups: http://www.quadrotech-it.com/products/adam/

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Oh, thanks. But this sounds not good. No import and obviously no export functions. Is Sharepoint a dead end for mail?

Is anyone aware of a way to allow users to create groups, however to disable the public group option?   


I know of ways to switch them.   
I know of ways to disable creation as a whole or limit it to an OU.


In my scenerio I'd like to allow anyone to create

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Unfortunately, the policy that controls group creation (in AAD) does not hold a setting to determine the default access type for a group. It certainly seems sensible if s... Read More
AFAIK there is no currently a way to achieve this and Group owners will be able to change from public to private at any time they want
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Figure I'll post here first.  I am looking for a "we are gonna move you to a Group" email for non-technical end-users.


Our "upgrade path" is taking users primarily from an existing SharePoint site to a full-fledged Group including "migrating" their curren

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Hi Brent,


We have some text you might find helpful in this article: Why you should upgrade your distribution lists to groups in Outlook. Scroll down to the "Manage chan

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adding @Ben Schorr

Is there a direct link to the Group calendar that shows the Group navigation?


Direct link to Conversations (does show Groups nav)



Direct link to Files (does show Groups nav)


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I swear I have seen it for a moment while I was testing but I have not been able to reproduce any logical steps to show the group to bar when accessing the Group Calendar

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Hi all,


Is it possible to add already created O365 groups as members to other groups?



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This is not supported today

We are working on several artifacts as we make sense of how to use the emerging 'O365 Groups as a Service'-based Places.


1) our enterprise's take on the O365 apps broken down into Places, Tools and Infrastructure

2) a table comparing Yammer, Outlook Groups

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Nice work!


I agree with @KevinCrossman here about replacing Graph with Delve.


I'm not sure I picked up on it, but another element of "which tool when" is transparency. Wh

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I'm really enjoying these high level discussions about the positioning and understanding of the when to use what. That PDF is great also. I've also changed to talking abo

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I'm starting prep to do this exact thing for folks at my company -- rolling out in Jan. So I can appreciate the degree of difficulty...


Some thoughts:

  • I don't think the av
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1) O365 apps grouped by 'places', 'tools' and 'infrastructure'


 ms ecosystem2.png

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A customer of mine wants to disable sync for all Groups doclibs.

AFAIK there is not a global setting for this.

I know that it is possible to do it manually for every single doclib in the advanced library settings, but such approach is impractical for hundre

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I am sorry, but I do not know of any way to disable the ability for users to synchronize a document library via PowerShell...

Hi all -

I was just introducing Office365 Groups to a coworker in our Marketing / Creative department and noticed that even in Chrome on a Mac that when in OneDrive for Business that groups do not show up... this would not be much of an issue as they are v

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looks like you have logged in with 2 accounts.

Yes, that is strange. Here are my screenshots.



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Very strange...could you add some sceenshots about this unexpected behaviour?

Can someone please let me know if the content gets deleted when a user who is a group owner leaves the company or his O365 license gets unaissigned? Will the data be deleted? Or will it stay forever? Thank you in advance!!

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When the Office 365 groups owner leaves the company the group remains in the tenant. You should ask your Office 365 admin to add a new Group admin to the orphaned group. ... Read More



I've been trying to see about adding some external email addresses for vendors that need to be in the loop frequently.  The vendors have email addresses from their own domain.  I have already added the addresses as contacts in Office 365 address li

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That's the expected behavior: 

Can mail contacts be added to groups?

No, mail contacts can't be added to groups. You'll get the following error if you try to add a mail co

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