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Is it possible to see somewhere from where an O365 Group was created ?



  • MS Teams
  • Planner
  • Power BI
  • Staff HUB
  • SharePoint Site


a simple property/flag via unifiedgroup would help :)


The reason why i'm asking is, that it would help to understand the reason/us

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Stefan it's not a property we capture today but its on our backlog and don't have a date to share at this stage when it will be available

Any chance for dynamic Office 365 groups? 


Let's say, a new employee is hired for an organization. This person should be added automatically to this organization's Office 365 group to enable her/him to join the organization's team work, calendars, etc.

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I am not a great coder or scripter but I was able to come up with the following solution.


I created a powershell script that iterates through the AD structure automatical

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It is available with Azure AD premium subscription. 

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We are moving from an on-premise Exchange 2013 environment (using Hybrid) and we have to move our DLs to the cloud.  I can create them through powershell as a distribution group, but that does not write back to our local AD (using AADConnect).  So using t

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I'm not aware of any method to bypass the message. @Christophe Fiessinger might be able to help or take some feedback on this.

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At the last Tech Summit in Amsterdam there were several topics regarding Office 365 groups and the use of this infrastructural object with teams, outlook groups and planner etc.


It was mentioned that with outlook groups it was easy to add external users i

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Hi @Jaap Slot,


Unfortunately this is not (yet) supported. To use your own 2FA solution for guest users, you will need to add externals to your corporate directory and blo

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I'm a project manager that is working with user adoption of Office 365 and have a department that wants to use a Office 365 Group for File Sharing with their Sales Team.  They are using iPads with the ios 10 - but there doesn't seem to be an iPad version

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Take a look at today's updates. Amongst them we can have Groups landscape on the iPad 😉
Available today :-)
Ask this question next week. You never know what might happen at Ignite. Conferences have a habit of bringing out the best in terms of announcements...
AFAIK, you can only work with Groups in an iPad using OWA

Interesting situation. I have a requirement to add an additional library to the Site of an Office 365 Group and break the inheritance and remove groups etc. It seems that when you try to break inheritance in an Office 365 Group Site the options are not av

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This is where understanding the requirement before the site/group is created will be critical. I suppose this might be because of other Apps (such as Planner, Team, Outlo

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Yes, as Juan said, at this stage this behavior is "by design".

It appears that Microsoft consider not logically coherent to have SPO resources in a Group that are not acce

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We have been discussing this in many threads in the Groups space...Microsoft is "simpliflying" and "changing" how security is managed in Group sites compared with what we... Read More
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I don't suppose there is a way to force delete a site collection after the group is deleted?


I created a test group that happened to use the name that I now need to use.  I deleted that group days ago.   It will create the group if I try to use the name I

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Having this same issue. I had a group that i deleted and the site that was associated with it did not clean up. Reading the posts here it looks like it is a bug. Is anyon

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Brent, when you delete a Group it should delete the site collection associated with it as well as all other artifacts, if you are not experiencing this, please contact ou... Read More

We experience inconsistent naming for the Notebooks related to an office 365 group. So far we have three different cases. None of these names were changed manually. When opening such a notebook in the OneNote desktop version the name of the notebook can b

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Someone mentioned this to me the other day. I'm wondering if any plans to make this naming more conistent?

One of our users wanted to try out the MS Teams features. As all private Office 365 Groups also are potential MS Teams users get confused. In this case the user "removed" a potential duplicate Team from the teams app itself. The user didn't notice a Offic

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Yeap, that's the reality for now

I am getting the following error. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm a Global admin in the tenant.


Connect-PnPMicrosoftGraph -Scopes "Group.ReadWrite.All","User.Read.All"

PS C:\Scripts> Get-PnPUnifiedGroup
Get-PnPUnifiedGroup : Exception o

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Hi Dean,


I just tried here but I get no errors. If you execute the cmdlet as said, and if you still receive the error, can you enter 




and p

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Does the std Get-UnifiedGroup powershell cmdlets work?



To let everyone create groups in a Tenant (in our case over 40000 users) can be a big problem!  Blocking Group name and contoll if the group are in progress. For example we have many schools and classes in our Tenant and may be called the same, 7A, 7B

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Both naming conventions and Group expiration/lifecycle controls are planned and currently in the works. Here are the relevant items on the Roadmap:



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I am a bit challegned with the Office 365 groups and my SharePoint based brain and model for working with team sites in this bold new world where they are the same, sometimes.


In SharePoint we have site collections and a Site Collection admin role. This r

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Eric, i've had many of the same concerns, issues. Here is how we are handling our implementation and roll out (https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Office-365-Groups/Our-Groups-Rollout-part-2/m-p/51922... Read More

After finally getting my hands on the old 1.x AzureAD PS Module I was able to successfully restrict creation of O365 Groups to an on-prem AD Group, and it seems to be working.  This was actually done to control Teams creation (I combined it with a PS to d

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Here is what I think is a great breakdown of the current set of services and corresponding solutions within O365 Groups via @Benjamin Niaulin


C2juVFaWQAQY0KG.jpgI would say one of the lar

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If you havent started using Groups/Teams yet, disabling them will not break anything. All the "core" workloads function just fine without Groups, albeit you will be missi

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When will Microsoft give some control to Global Admins for O365 Groups? The digital debris could be astonishing. We've disabled Planner and are running a script to disable Groups on our tenant, even the ones created with the new Team sites. However, I can

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Tami thanks for the feedback. What specific controls are you looking for please?
What are your concerns with users leveraging Planner to get work done?
Is your organization... Read More
I couldn't agree more Brent. Also glad to hear that I'm not alone in my experience.

digital debris 


I'm totally gonna steal this phrase


+1 to everything you said though, i've been screaming the same thing forever.  


I'd rather see a model that when you c

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Can someone valid the following:


If you create an O365 group from


1. Outlook (Online), SharePoint/OneDrive or Planner or O365 admin portal it contains

  • an Outlook inbox and Calendar
  • a modern SharePoint team site (with OneNote, ...)
  • a planner workspace

2. Yamme

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Some additional comments from my side:
For 2., you can also create an Office 365 Group from Yammer.
For 4., you can create a full Office 365 from Azure AD as you can do fro... Read More