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I'm new to Office 365 groups. I was looking for an alternative to a feature no longer available in Sharepoint Online i.e. Site and List Mailboxes.


Our Users are e-mail centric, and we need to have a "read-only" mailbox for external Users to send e-mails t

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If you use a shared mailbox, you could use Microsoft Flow (or Azure Logic Apps) to copy/move emails to a document library in SharePoint on arrival.

No, not really. Groups are based on the "equal rights" principle, each member has similar permissions and you cannot restrict them from deleting messages for example. In

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We have a Teams group which is 'members only' in that it's only open to paying members of our internal gym. Membership of the gym is an offline process, which has to be done before we let people join our gym Team/group.


Unfortunately even with the group/t

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As far as I know, you can't prevent access requests to Groups, but what you can do, is hide a Group from the global address list in your company and from the discover opt

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The Set-UnifiedGroup PowerShell commandlet has a couple of interessting properties. In particular, hiding the group from the global address list (HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled) and enabling/disabling the welcome e-mail (UnifiedGroupWelcomeMessageEnabled).

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Dear Berend


Yes is looks like you can use the Graph API to update these as well.  That is pretty cool.


You have to find the directory template object for "Unified groups"

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Get-UnifiedGroup | Set-UnifiedGroup -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $True...

Love the new feature with Roadmap ID 15043 that lets us add Exch Online Mail Contacts as Guests to O365 Groups. I'm a little confused on how you expect us to manage Mail Contacts going forward though.


Adding Mail Contacts as Guests to an O365 Group appear

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Hi there,


We are rolling out O365 Groups to our 200+ stores, one for each store for local team collaboration. Part of this is the creation of a standard set of Folders within the O365 Groups 'Files' area.

Whilst we are able to create the O365 Group via Pow

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Like Juan Carlos says, my advice too, is to use PnP PowerShell for this. Fairly easy to install. The instructions and the entire repository can be found here: https://github.com/SharePoint/PnP-PowerShell

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Have you taken a look at PnP? They have already in place specific cmdlets to work with Groups and they also have all the provisioning staff

Hi everybody,


most of us know the different places where time zones are to set in O365 - SharePoint Sites, ODFB, Users, etc. This is a mess...


I (Owner & Member) tried to set the time zone for a O365 Group Site via website-settings, but I got an access de

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Well, this morning I have been able to change interactively the time zone for some newly created groups. Hence it appears the inability was only a temporary glitch...


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Why, in first place, does one get access denied when trying to set the timezone for an Office 365 Group?

Does someone know the answer?

Best Response confirmed by Andreas Schlüter (New Contributor)

Each time we create a Group we then have to go to the Sharepoint site and change the language and timezone under Site Settings > Regional Settings.


Is there a way to default these settings for new Groups?

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Best Response confirmed by Brian Mather (Contributor)

Hello all


I am having issues embeding an iframe into the content embed webpart on an office 365 group site. When trying to embed iframes I am getting the following error:



Clicking on the guidance link takes me to the following URL which explains the steps

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This is another great example of something that's required when working with modern sites / group sites and surprisingly is not possible to enable / disable. I'm not sure

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I have been getting used to the idea that a Group is more of a security/access construct that gives you access to various tools - Teams, Planners, Discussions, Files, etc.


So in that light, does it make sense to have a Groups app that contains some of the

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Very confusing to the end-user. It's one of the biggest pain points I have when speaking to users about the suite of mobile apps. The fact that Groups is configured as a

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Hi Rob, what are the key scenarios you want your users to engage with? The current list of supported scenarios are different in Outlook Groups vs. groups in Outlook Mobi... Read More
Yes, it is confusing. Now that Groups functionality is inside Outlook the mobile app will probably disappear.
It's all a bit disjointed to be honest. We just have to hold ... Read More

Hello Everybody.  We are having group conversations by email that are being saved in Groups and you can only see them through OWA (online) in the conversations page.


Is there a way to bring those conversations to the Group's SharePoint Home Page?


We use G

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You might be able to try adding a Outlook web part to the front page, you will need to add a custom web part page as your site home page instead of a modern page though. ... Read More
Yeap, it's a great example of how we can have a great support for GDPR in Office 365

Our organization is struggling to get started with SPO and O365 Groups.  Yes, I know there are dozens of articles and threads about 365 groups and how they work - and for shorter project teams, groups make total sense to me.  However, the idea of an intra

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Our approach has been to create private and semi-private workspaces for teams that need to get things done. And yes, some of that is creating content to share internally ... Read More

HI Eric,


This is a pretty common conversation piece I have with a range of clients: Groups, Teams, SharePoint, even Yammer - when to use what and why. So rest assured you

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We had this discussion a couple of months back on RE:Office 365, and the conclusion our panel came to was that the intranet still very much has its place - however is dim

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Microsoft is convinced that Office 365 tenants should move from old-fashioned email distribution lists to embrace the new world of collaboration enabled by Office 365 Groups. A new conversation method allows OWA users to convert DLs that they own. Is it a

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Has there been an update to this yet? I've searched through technet/blogs/etc and have not been able to see how to turn off this "feature". I'm about to work on convertin

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Maybe my tired eyes missed it, but how do I turn this capability off globaly for my tenant? I do not want my users converting DLs into Groups.

Good article.

I think the problem has always been that Groups is not looked at as a "product offering", and is merely described as a membership service. Treat it like a pr... Read More

I tried to share a single library/file from an 365 group's teamsite with an external user not beeing a member of the group. Regretfully, SharePoint does not allow it, telling me its prohibited by policy. 


Of course, external sharing is setup/allowed. As I

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Hi Markus,


try this one: 

Set-SPOSite -Identity https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/site1 -SharingCapability ExternalUserAndGuestSharing

This worked for me.



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You can only share Office 365 group document library with guests who have been invited to join the group. But individual group files can be still shared with guests users

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When the oldest groups will be converted in full team website ?
You cannot able to share files to user who is not the member of the group because ' Allow sharing only with the external users that already exist in your organization's d... Read More
External Sharing in Groups relies on Guest access support in Grpoups that has to be configured at the tenant level: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Guest-access-in-Office-365-Groups-bfc7a840-868f-4fd6-a390-f347bf51aff6?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US Read More

I had a user who could not see a document which was in the library. Tracked it down to different views showing different number of documents - the issue is that the view from the Outlook Group:


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David we don't show the following three file types: .msg, .url, .aspx in the new view.

We'll document this. to set proper expectations.



We would really like to get O365 Groups exposed in Outlook for Mac as it is in Outlook for Windows. The lack of this feature makes deployment of Groups much more difficult in the executive levels of our company. (Keep in mind, without executive buy i

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We are excited to announce that we have started rolling out Groups experiences in Outlook for Mac. Here is a blog post with more information - https://blogs.office.com/2017/04/18/introducing-groups-in-outlook-for-mac-ios-and-android/

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I think an issue here is that the current Mac client is based on EWS (Exchange Web Services). Groups are not supported by EWS, so some work is required to enable Groups u... Read More



so we're a couple of months further. No info about Groups in Outlook for Mac on the roadmap.

I hard to "sell" if a neat feature isn't availble on all clients. 


In thi

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There should be a Mac Office section in these forums, rahter than having all the Mac topics spread throughout... just my .02.  It was very helpful in the yammer-based com

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yes we plan support Groups in Outlook for Mac in the future but do not have a date to share at this stage (fyi @Amit Gupta )

We have a PowerShell that create Microsoft Groups based on a CSV file. After creating a group, we would like to set a lot of settings - doclibrary versionhistory, language, local time...


The provision process for a sitecollection takes so long after creat

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Well, we have discussed this on different forums...the problem you are having (even I'm seeing improvements) is well known...I think you might consider to create the Grou

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I am having an issue with opening excel documents from the group app on iphone. I get the following error "Can't open file. office can't find FileName.xlsx. it may have been moved, renamed, or deleted.

If I add the group to excel under Add a Place I can op

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Hi all,


Thanks for reporting. We'll double down and take a look what may be causing the issue. I'll post an update here if there's something more we can share.

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Hey there,


Is this for all Excel documents or just one particular document? By the sounds of it you can also open these doucments on desktop with no issue?


How long is th

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What is the storage allocation for an O365 Group?

I am aware that SharePoint grant a 1T resources per site collection (E3 licencing), but I am usure if Groups share the same Site Collection (http://tenant/teams/..) or each Group is it's own Site collection

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In the Admin Center under Reports > SharePoint Usage there is a Groups filter that shows storage, number of files, view/edits. If you didn't want to use PowerShell. 

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@Julien Gares, As mentioned by @Paul Keijzers is correct. You can find the script to get the group usage quota from below link


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each group has its own site collection holding 1 tb of data if i am correct.

It's nice to have new features but they should be compatible with existig features:


Our users are trying to modify the members of an Outlook group (O365 group) using Outlook. They are used to do this through the addressbook. When opening an outlook group

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I have hit the problem myself and it is erratic as sometimes you can edit the membership of a group and sometimes you cannot. The problem is, I think, deep in Outlook and

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Which version are you using? At which point do you get an error?

I don't seem to get errors here...

We are happy to announce that now you can add Mail Contacts as guests in O365 Groups. This feature is fully deployed to First Release tenants & associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 15043.

This was top requested feature in Guest Access. If tenant admins h

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Any update on when this will release GA?

Excellent, this has been a real issue previously.  I hope it comes to my Australian based tenants soon.

Great update thanks!

Assuming nothing has changes, do you know if Office 365 Groups offers the same retention/restore options as SharePoint online?

Example, Microsoft will make a backup every 12 hours and keep it for 14 days


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We have had several recorded instances at this point of users being left off of Group communications.


More specifically meeting invites sent to the Group email address, but it also happens with regular emails sent to "subscribed" users via the Group email

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Hi @Brent Ellis - first up, let me apologize for the poor experience you've had with O365 Groups. I sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to your organization because

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Best Response confirmed by Christophe Fiessinger (Microsoft)

I've had some similar occurences, but since my personal tenant is my playground, I usually assume it's something I've done...


Just curious, those are Groups with dynamic

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Thanks Brent as always for sharing your hard experience with Groups from the trenches!

Been chewing on this stuff for a while, and I know Groups is not technically broken, but mentally it is, given all of the posts and confusion.  If I were Microsoft, here is my list of things that I would do to "fix" and simplify the entire Groups concept

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While I don't have particular stance on whether a group should a product or just the underlaying service, I agree we most points and comments.
I expect point 8 to resolved... Read More

When emailing a file from the Files tab in Outlook on the Web (right-click, select Email), sharing defaults to 'everyone in my org can edit'.  We need an admin setting to control this.





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