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We are moving from an on-premise Exchange 2013 environment (using Hybrid) and we have to move our DLs to the cloud.  I can create them through powershell as a distribution group, but that does not write back to our local AD (using AADConnect).  So using t

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I'm not aware of any method to bypass the message. @Christophe Fiessinger might be able to help or take some feedback on this.

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Is or will it be possible to share a calendar from an O365 Group?


Scenario: a team of teachers works together and manages a calendar. The calender should be accessible for all theachers.


I couldn't find a way to get an ical link or another way to share te

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It's not yet possible to share an Office 365 Group Calendar, the other teachers should join the Group to access the calendar for now.


Or you can send the .ics file but th

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I have created an O365 Group AKA Team Site called Marketing Team. The email address is SomeTeam@___.com I have checked Exchange and it is the only group with that address/name.


However, it has created TWO SharePoint sites. The one that links off the Group

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Hi Eric, can you check a couple of things for me?  I am running with the assumption that you have two sites that seemingly are stamped with the same group's ID:

1) Can yo

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A group can have only a SPO Site so it seems you created twice the Group

Could it be that you already created the site/group ones before? that it is still in the garbagebin?



I'm pretty sure the answer to this is no, but can an existing team site be linked to a newly created group. We already already have a team site, so don't need a new one. Can the Group be configured so when you click Site in the top nav bar you are tak

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Looks like we now have a resolution: 



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Today it is not possible. Probably the ability to "groupify" a team site (i.e. a procedure to attach a Group to existing team sites) will be added later.

Give a look to th

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At this time existing sites cannot be linked to a group. It is on the roadmap that existing SharePoint site collections will be able to add on an Office 365 Group.  I inc

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We have several groups we are working with, all have had a group image applied, but the Group Image doesnt seem to propogate to the connected SharePoint site (just get the colored background with two letters).


Should the image populate automatically, or i

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Hi all,


  Thanks for the feedback. We are wrking on a fix which will ensure that the group logo is abolsutely the same across Outlook and SP and rest of the suite. No m

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Hi @Brent Ellis ,

We're having the same issue and I've already created a support case.

I'll have to wait until Jan 26th 1pm to give you final response though, since there i

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I can confirm that this is happening for me as well. But for only 1 group. 


I created 2 groups through Microsoft Teams at the exact same time. 1 group took the image, 1 d

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@Brent Ellis,


I've seen this a couple of times as well. I'm not sure what causes it but I wonder if it could be something is simple as different limitations on the image.

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Good morning, 


I ran across the following issue when removing an Office 365 user from an Office 365 Group:


1. Removed user from the Group Using the Exchange Online EAC i.e. Groups -> Find Group - Under Memberships - Remove the user. Now, typically I'd rem

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Hi Alok - removing a group member from either place should result in the person being removed from the Office 365 Group.  There is, however a sync lag that you might expe

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Good news! We're currently rolling out drag and drop for messages and conversations into groups in Outlook on the web first for First Release customers, then Standard release customers.


It's much easier to explain with a GIF:



Support for Outlook 2016

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Took you long enough... :)


Will the right-click move/copy functionality also work, or is it strictly drag&drop? Multiple items/threads? Does everything get dumped into th

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Nice update, it will make working with groups even easier, thanks for sharing.



I've been trying to see about adding some external email addresses for vendors that need to be in the loop frequently.  The vendors have email addresses from their own domain.  I have already added the addresses as contacts in Office 365 address li

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That's the expected behavior: 

Can mail contacts be added to groups?

No, mail contacts can't be added to groups. You'll get the following error if you try to add a mail co

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So Microsoft Teams led me to discover Office 365 Groups.  The biggest failing, for me is the apparent inability to start a document in Word or Excel and then SaveAs to the Group's file store (unless I have already opened a file from the Group and it's in

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This is a big problem when trying to move staff over to Groups.   The only way I have been able to get around it (which is not a quick and easy solution) is to "Pin" my g

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I still can't access to modern sites (Both Groups-Teams based and standalone) when saving an office file to SharePoint.


Reading other posts on the subject it seems the fe

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Is there any update on this? I've recently presented Office Groups as a means to migrate files from a file share to SharePoint, but the inability to Open or Save As...

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Charles it's a current limitation we plan to address in the future, please stay tune!



What can we do to fix or troubleshoot the following isssue:


In Outlook Online we can see our office 2016 groups, but in Outlook 2016 we see no groups listed below the header "Groups".


Outlook 2016 professional is installed (not ProPlus).


Cached mod

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You say no groups are listed but is there a 'Browse Groups' option from the toolbar or by right clicking on the Groups header in Outlook 2016? Is it empty or not showing

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Hi I have an problem not seeing any office 365 group or even any group maps or tabs in our outlook 2016 client.

Today reinstall the client to his latest version, delete profiles en recreate them, update some office 365 licences from business premium to E3

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Is outlook in cached mode? We had this and it only worked when it was on.
Best Response confirmed by Frank Gerritse (Occasional Contributor)
Is your environment hybrid?
Can you see the groups when using Outlook Web App ?

I know I can see the group names in the Office 365 Admin panel under Groups, but that only shows me the members. I need the URL. Right now the only way I know to see what is going on in a group is to add me to the group through that panel, then wait up to

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Office 365 Admin > Usage Reports > SharePoint Site Usage. Add the column for Root Site and export to Excel. Filter in Excel by Group type.

Best Response confirmed by Christophe Fiessinger (Microsoft)

As an admin, you can easily get the URLs via PowerShell:


Get-UnifiedGroup | ft Name,Alias,SharePointSiteUrl

Any chance for dynamic Office 365 groups? 


Let's say, a new employee is hired for an organization. This person should be added automatically to this organization's Office 365 group to enable her/him to join the organization's team work, calendars, etc.

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I am not a great coder or scripter but I was able to come up with the following solution.


I created a powershell script that iterates through the AD structure automatical

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It is available with Azure AD premium subscription. 

Best Response confirmed by Kari Vaaranen (New Contributor)

After a merge we are in the process of moving as much content as possible from one tenant to another.

The process a moving a unified group looks easy.

  1. Evaluate which groups should be migrated (and which groups should be abandoned)
  2. Create the corresponding gr
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Just a quick note: OneNote is part of SharePoint, so it should move with the SharePoint content migration.

Hi Mats, 


A few migration tool are able to help you.  One of them is the Cloudiway migration platform available online with an audit tool for your evaluation. You can als

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"the process of moving a unified group looks easy"...


That's some statement, especially because no OOTB tools are available to do the work.


The components you might have

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Is there a way we can publish the O365 Group calendar via HTML link?  Our users want to embed the calendar on other non-SharePoint web pages internally.

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The only thing I can see when publishing a calendar from Outlook on the web is my own calendar. I think though that the calendar might be available soon as a web part, al... Read More
Apparently Groups calendar cannot be shared at least using out of the box configuration

I want to use the e-mailaddress of a group to send e-mail to members of my group but also to addresses outside my group. The recievers of the e-mail should recognize the group as the sender and is also able to reply to this e-mailadress. 


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We are provisioning new 365 Groups using POST-calls to the Graph-api from Azure Functions, the group is created fine in Azure AD and the SharePoint site is available almost immediately.

But it takes almost 30 minutes before the members get the welcome-m

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Niklas this is a known issue we are currently addressing. 

Please find a summary blog post of the groups in Outlook presence at Microsoft Ignite 2017, top benefits and use cases, roadmap and links to key recordings and features demoed.

Groups in Outlook roadmapGroups in Outlook roadmap


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This is great Christophe, I look forward to seeing the integration get tighter with SharePoint (eg. "groupification") and Yammer.

Hi All,

I've got an Office 365 group site with a team of users contributing documents to the default document library. However when we search for a document no results are returned? I've checked the site search settings to ensure results are being returned

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UPDATE: after re-indexing 1 document started showing up in search results out of 60...so I went searching (pun intended) for the difference between that document and the

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Hi Suzanne,


from where are you starting your search? from within the group or from a search center?





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We have created an O365 Group, and it defaulted to Exchange based conversations.  Now that the users have been exposed to the Group, they want to use Yammer as their conversation tool instead of the exchange mailbox.  Is there any way to convert an existi

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Unfortunately there is no clear way to move between an Outlook group or a Yammer group.
The approach would be to completely migrate out and back in again - if you don't ha... Read More

Groups in Outlook is being used by millions of users worldwide to improve collaboration and be more productive working with a group of people – be it for project collaboration, organizational groups or classroom groups.


One key feedback we have receive

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No no no no no no no

Not sure where you are getting feedback from, our users hate this.

On the contrary, they are begging for a way to just add appointments (with no notifi... Read More

at the beginning of this week, I've created an event in an Office 365 Group where the Group itself was the owner.

All 3 members of this group had the event automatically i

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Hi All,


I'm trying to figure out the default indexing and search scope for the SharePoint Team Site that is created with an Office 365 group and how it works with OneNote. I haven't found a lot of documentation, but was experiencing some issues.


The actua

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Important sets of announcements today from the SharePoint team, including this specific one coming later this year:

  • The ability to connect existing SharePoint team sites to Office 365 Groups, so you can augment existing sites with shared conversati
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It's super challenging for us to create groups/teams w default email assignments. We had a name change, but aren't changing the domain. In creating users, we can si... Read More
Hi Christophe,

Any update re. timing of SC link to groups?


@Christophe Fiessinger - I'm surprised more tenancies aren't making use of sub-sites. We followed our same onPrem architecture of creating a few top level site collection

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Sitecollection 'Projects' and underlying project sites (or 'Teams' and team sites) is a common use case in tons of SharePoint real world implementations. So we would easi

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We create site collections per customers and sub sites per projects. Real collaboration occurs on project so I was expecting a Group at the project level.


As we have a lo

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Is there a way to disable conversations in a Team's associated O365 Group? We are a K12, and essentially we want to keep all conversations up in our Teams,  but we regularly have kiddos starting conversations down in the associated Group.  We'd like to pr

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Hi James,


Just to clarify, when you say "disable conversations in groups", are you mainly referring to preventing the Office 365 Groups members from interacting with th

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I don't suppose there is a way to force delete a site collection after the group is deleted?


I created a test group that happened to use the name that I now need to use.  I deleted that group days ago.   It will create the group if I try to use the name I

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Hi @Brent Ellis!

I have a similar issue.

I created an Office 365 group, which automatically created a team site.

I deleted the team site and the group manually, and now I ca

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Having this same issue. I had a group that i deleted and the site that was associated with it did not clean up. Reading the posts here it looks like it is a bug. Is anyon

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Brent, when you delete a Group it should delete the site collection associated with it as well as all other artifacts, if you are not experiencing this, please contact ou... Read More