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Hi All,


we have an requirement to push files from one of the folder in office365 group to sharepoint on weekly basis.


I can acheive above requriement by developing an timer job soltuion which will run weekly once and check office 365 group folder and if t

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Are there updated commands to manage group creation via V2 PowerShell release from November?  The commands referenced here seem to be from the old V1 preview.

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You still need to use the preview version but I began putting together the differences from PowerShell V1 to V2 here for Group management:


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Afaik no, you still have to use the Preview version.

Is it possible to search across Conversations, Documents and OneNote using one search input box that is provided in the top left corner of the conversation part of that group? 



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I had a user who could not see a document which was in the library. Tracked it down to different views showing different number of documents - the issue is that the view from the Outlook Group:


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David we don't show the following three file types: .msg, .url, .aspx in the new view.

We'll document this. to set proper expectations.

The Microsoft Tech Community is hosting an AMA next week to help answer questions about this update. 


Join us on Tuesday, March 7th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PST/5:0

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I really really really hope the ability turn off/disable Group workloads (by group) is coming.

I'm just thinking about all of the Yammer Groups we have that don't need Pla... Read More

Will private Yammer groups that are connected to an Office 365 group integrate with Microsoft teams?  Also, is there plans for when you create an Office Group anywhere in

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Great work @Christophe. I've been using this today.

This dialog appears when adding someone to a group but everyone is either inside or outside - just what does this message mean?

Capture (2).JPG

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Hi David, Sorry to see this. But can you tell me what type of user you are adding to the Groups? Is it guest or internal user(would also include user in accepted domain)?

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This is totally unexpected cc @Christophe Fiessinger

We have the problem here that a (normal) user is unable to invite guests to his group and can only invite people from our AD. If I sign into this group (me being a tenant admin) and make myself an owner of the group, all invites work as expected, meaning

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That's what I thought as well and as I am able to put guests into groups I would assume that it is enabled (and yes, its already working with people I invited). Any idea ... Read More
If external guests to groups is enabled, you are done so it seems there is something wrong in your tenant with that particular user

Hey guys,


I made some research into the govenance capabilities for the Office 365 groups and summarized the findings in the following blog posts.



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These look to be useful articles, you mentioned that you will do them in English. Are they available anywhere?

As far as I am seeing, default Quota for O365 Groups is 1TB. All of the ones I checked are 1TB.


You can simply check the quota with

Get-SPOSite –Identity https://contoso.s
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Hey Rob,


I know a few people and a blog that can turn this into English for you! 

You might produce this in Englis :-)....

Join us on Tuesday, March 7th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PST/5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. GMT for an ‘Ask Microsoft Anything’ (AMA)!


This live online event will give you the opportunity to connect with members of the product and engineering teams who will b

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Today, we've announced a new file experience for groups in Outlook on the web. People frequently rely on email to edit and share documents with their teams, and this new experience makes it easier to collaborate on documents in Outlook on the web. This fe

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So with this upgrade it looks like it has removed the ability to stop inherit rights on a folder and then to remove any of the default groups (Share Members & Share Visit... Read More

How come you can't create a new OneNote file from the Files area? 


I do think it's confusing to have Files and Site.  Makes it seem like documents are in mulitple locatio

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My take on the new Files "experience" for Office 365 Groups. It's all very nice because attachments emailed to members in group conversations are now surfaced, perhaps in

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@Christophe Fiessinger

Speaking of bugs, after the rollout of this new feature, I now see two versions of the same file: one is the latest and the other is a previous one!

2016-11-18 19_41_41-GroupFiles - Salvatore Marco Biscari - Outlook e un'altra pagina ‎- Microsoft Ed.jpg

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Great effort and it looks great. One nice add-in would be allow sorting of columns. Guess it is currently sorted by date and would be nice if sorting of other columns is ... Read More



I'm not sure how this dialog got passed quality check. It appears after requesting access for a private O365 group. There is only one button "Delete" I'm not sure if it will delete my request or the dialog ;-)


I'm not sure why anyone would like to

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The probably meant Cancel indeed, but that's what you get with Google translate. Should've used Bing instead :D

:-) It seem either the requirements were not clear or the guy developing this forgot to add something quite basic IMHO @Christophe Fiessinger

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Seems yet another part of O365 is having issues with cookies or similar. Starting few days ago, I can no longer access Groups in OWA in my "regular" browser session. Every attempt to open them results in the screenshot below, and the trace shows "Error 44

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I've been doing a lot of investigation and exploration lately of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and the SharePoint Modern Team Site you get when you create either one. The trifecta of cool new stuff, if you will. I tend to do a lot of my experimentat

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This is a thoughtful post and thanks for the clean writeup.


It's a tough design problem for sure.  Truth be told there are some technical blockers that would make it ha

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We aren't using Teams yet, and probably wont for a good while. Just now rolling out Groups in wider numbers.

The approach we are taking is simply "Favoriting" is ONLY for ... Read More

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the URL of the modern team site behind a Office 365 Group through MS Graph API? 

And if not, is it on the horizon?



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Hi folks,


"How can we set data classification while creating a group?" This is a question I get to hear very frequently from my clients, and today, you CAN NOT set this while creating a group.  You can only set the group data classification AFTER it is cr

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While the Outlook and Planner endpoints are being updated, I would point your users to SharePoint Home to create Team Sites and enable the automatic group creation within

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While agree with this, you have it (partially) when you create a Modern Team site...you can choose the classification type for your site and also for the underlying group

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