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Hello, I'm new here. I'm having problems with Outlook.com's Shared calendar (sync does not work anymore) so I'd like to use Outlook Groups instead.

First things first, the Outlook Destop app does not allow me to edit many group options, so I'd like to know

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Below cmdlet, will set the new primary email address for the group.

set-unifiedGroup -Identity <GroupName> -PrimarySMTPAddress <new email address>


To remove the old email

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Group e-mail alias can only be changed using PowerShell



My company would like to start using Planner and SharePoint Group sites (and OneDrive group documents). But since we are using another email solution (at this time) we plan not to enable Exchange Online licenses to our Office 365 users.


1) If no soluti

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AFAIK, Exchange Online is a requirement to have both Groups and Planner working

Hi. I have a colleague who is trying to get Office 365 Group notifcations on his iPhone. However, he can only turn on notifcations for certain groups and not others. Is there any logical reason why that would be?


Thanks, Laurie

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Meet now: You can able to make Skype call with group members

Group email settings: Helps you to filter the messages need to e copied to your Inbox. 



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I have not it, in none of my tenants, neither in Edge, nor in IE, nor in Chrome and not in Firefox...

The Group Email Settings have disappeared from all my tenants overnight.

This only appears to work in IE or Chrome. When viewing the same group in Chrome or Firefox, these settings do not appear.

Where else is information posted for this new feature? I can't find mention of it anywhere else.
nice lots is coming to Groups getting better by the day!

Group Notification Cards can be sent via a local Windows Service on data change in hundreds of IT-Systems and apps now to keep your Group informed about backend processes. No modifications are required in the backend systems like SQL/ERP/CRM etc. On-prem

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I tried to share a single library/file from an 365 group's teamsite with an external user not beeing a member of the group. Regretfully, SharePoint does not allow it, telling me its prohibited by policy. 


Of course, external sharing is setup/allowed. As I

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When the oldest groups will be converted in full team website ?
You cannot able to share files to user who is not the member of the group because ' Allow sharing only with the external users that already exist in your organization's d... Read More
External Sharing in Groups relies on Guest access support in Grpoups that has to be configured at the tenant level: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Guest-access-in-Office-365-Groups-bfc7a840-868f-4fd6-a390-f347bf51aff6?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US Read More
AFAIK, there is no way to change this and I agree something is wrong here because the user experience should be the same no matter if you create a Group from OWA or if yo... Read More

If you examine the network connections opened by an Outlook 2016 client, you might find many connections established to the mailboxes belonging to Office 365 Groups. Using connections to grab data is fine, but why are the connections quite so persistent a

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Great stuff Tony! I never noticed this. I work for large schools where we plan to deploy a whole bunch of groups based on other memberships (such as HR groups/teams, Proj... Read More

Oooh so you did get an answer on this? I asked it on the Outlook session at the Summit, didnt get much info. Do share on the list if there's more to it please :)

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Will the expiry groups feature that is in development allow for the message that goes out to users to be customized?  For instance, we have an internal process that all AD Group membership must be reviewed and signed-off on bi-annually, and would like to

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I think it's to early to know those details :-) cc @Christophe Fiessinger

If I grant a user access to SendAs the O365 Group, and they send an email "as the group", and they don't copy themself, where does that email actually go.


I can't find any record of it anywhere inside the group (only in the inbox of the recipient).

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Brent can you please explain the use case?

The Sent folder is hidden and AFAIK you can't access it in any way.

To a Group is actually connected a shared mailbox behind the scenes, but you can't access most of its f

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Each time we create a Group we then have to go to the Sharepoint site and change the language and timezone under Site Settings > Regional Settings.


Is there a way to default these settings for new Groups?

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I read that now we will have the choice to select if we want to create a group associated with our site when we generate a site. The question I have is if this needs to go through the Waffle Menu --> Sharepoint -->"+" sign/create site button --> (enter in

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IMHO, the answer is "Yes" and you will always create a Site Collection linked to a Group or viceversa, but not a single subsite

I know that enabling for a single user via powershell works, but can I set it up so that all members of the group automatically get SendAs rights, without having to individually apply users?


Scenario: So, I have an O365 Group called "Test Group", the owne

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You cannot use groups, best you can do is expand the current membership, but I bet you already knew that :)



I'm pretty sure the answer to this is no, but can an existing team site be linked to a newly created group. We already already have a team site, so don't need a new one. Can the Group be configured so when you click Site in the top nav bar you are tak

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Today it is not possible. Probably the ability to "groupify" a team site (i.e. a procedure to attach a Group to existing team sites) will be added later.

Give a look to th

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At this time existing sites cannot be linked to a group. It is on the roadmap that existing SharePoint site collections will be able to add on an Office 365 Group.  I inc

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Create connected SharePoint Online team sites in seconds

Users quickly create sites connected to Office 365 Groups from the SharePoint home page
When it comes to managing information and building business apps, people turn to SharePoint Online team sites—t

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Is this rolled out for 100% of First Release customers now? I cannot see this in my tenant yet.

Great update, the site creation options have hit my FR tenant.  


Will these options be reflected when I create a site via the SharePoint Admin Center or have the option v

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This is enabled/disabled by the SharePoint Admin Center > Settings > Start a Site > Hide the link/Show the link setting, correct?

Does a Group HAVE to be created if you go... Read More