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After finally getting my hands on the old 1.x AzureAD PS Module I was able to successfully restrict creation of O365 Groups to an on-prem AD Group, and it seems to be working.  This was actually done to control Teams creation (I combined it with a PS to d

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Here is what I think is a great breakdown of the current set of services and corresponding solutions within O365 Groups via @Benjamin Niaulin


C2juVFaWQAQY0KG.jpgI would say one of the lar

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If you havent started using Groups/Teams yet, disabling them will not break anything. All the "core" workloads function just fine without Groups, albeit you will be missi

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When will Microsoft give some control to Global Admins for O365 Groups? The digital debris could be astonishing. We've disabled Planner and are running a script to disable Groups on our tenant, even the ones created with the new Team sites. However, I can

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Tami thanks for the feedback. What specific controls are you looking for please?
What are your concerns with users leveraging Planner to get work done?
Is your organization... Read More
I couldn't agree more Brent. Also glad to hear that I'm not alone in my experience.

digital debris 


I'm totally gonna steal this phrase


+1 to everything you said though, i've been screaming the same thing forever.  


I'd rather see a model that when you c

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Can someone valid the following:


If you create an O365 group from


1. Outlook (Online), SharePoint/OneDrive or Planner or O365 admin portal it contains

  • an Outlook inbox and Calendar
  • a modern SharePoint team site (with OneNote, ...)
  • a planner workspace

2. Yamme

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Some additional comments from my side:
For 2., you can also create an Office 365 Group from Yammer.
For 4., you can create a full Office 365 from Azure AD as you can do fro... Read More

Update: Good response over in a different thread highlighting the need to now use the v2 AzureAD preview module to perform this configuration:



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Made 'some' progress with the code in the URL above.   I get through each line (populating the variable settings) except the last: Set-AzureADDirectorySetting -ObjectId $

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The below URL 'might' help.  It shows that in the 2.0 version of the module some functionality has been renamed, but allegedly the functionality is there.  I'm still work

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Same here.  All docs refer to the preview release, but link to the GA release.  I took a plunge and saved/installed V from the repository.  Going through the ste

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My list of group names used to be so neat, all starting with my set prefix to ensure everyone knew what they were. Now it's down right ruined by the combined efforts of Yammer and Teams users.


Please release the AzureAD naming scheme components ASAP, and

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Steven we hear you but unfortunately there is a bit more work to be done before we release this and latest ETA (subject to change!) is June.

Best Response confirmed by Steven Collier (Super Contributor)

Interesting behavior I have found Today at my corporate tenant: I created a new Group in tenant and invite some external users to the tenant...one of the external users invited reported that he was able to accept the invitation using his personal account 

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adding @Sahil Arora our guest access lead

@Juan Carlos González Martín

Yes, I have seen this many times...

The account (MSA or O365) used to accept the invite is the one that needs to be used in the future.

As @bart vermeersch

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Those duplicate accounts are a real burden. I believe you have to remove the user from your AAD (and/or SharePoint user profiles) and send out a new invite.


We recommend

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We currently playing around with Groups. We had a new DL request for our internal on site tech support (genius bar) group. Figuerd this would be a perfect opportunity for Groups. An in-house distribution list with the added benefit of the group having a s

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You can hide the Group from the GAL I guess.

Is it possible to change the default group privacy setting to private from public?

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Does anyone know of a PowerShell script whereby you can convert all Public groups to Private ?


The idea is I can perform a "sweep up" in case any users created Public gro

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Same here - when creating a new group from xyz .. the pre-selected type shoul dbe private (user may overlook) and only by intend they shall set to public.
As Christophe says, it's not possible to make private the default. However, there's nothing to stop you running some PowerShell to set groups to be private unless they me... Read More

it's not possible. the goal is to foster collaboration hence public by default

Great link, thanks!

Do you know how we can get access to the slide deck used in the video?

a lot of the content is here following the launch of Microsoft Teams: https://www.successwithteams.com/


Microsoft Teams:

  • Leveraged by users and teams who are looking
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Great find. Thanks for the repost.



Did anyone else notice that the email confirmation message for a group join is being sent out sooner than before lately?

Previously I had to wait 1-2h to get the notification.


Lately I've been receiving message within minutes which itself is not bad, b

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Yes, I've been experiencing this behavior frequently, at least with external users. They click the "Read Group Files" in the welcome email and are no granted access to th

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I'm just experiencing the opposite...I have always a delay of minutes since I create the Group from OWA and I have the message in my inbox that everything is fine...and t... Read More


When trying to add a group to an calendar invitation from the group search bar it displays an error "Could not create an event" . Have tried several times with the same error results. Any ideas?

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Are you trying to invite a Distribution List to the calendar inside the group, or the group itself?

Is there any roadmap on enabling Group ownership for on prem users?  I know it's not possible today, but would like to know when / if it is coming...

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Chad can you please provide more details about the use case/scenario?

When editing Groups settings as a group admin, on the bottom of the dialog there is a setting that you can check in order to send notifications to all users when a message arrives for the whole group. It is disabled by default. We have quite a bunch of gr

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Did you check Set-UnifiedGroup documentation? You have a parameter there for this (AutoSubscribeNewMembers): https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt238274(v=exchg.160).aspx Read More
Best Response confirmed by Christophe Fiessinger (Microsoft)

Using Outlook 2016 desktop (Current Branch First Release build 1704)


1) Existing Private Team

2) Add external user (@gmail.com domain, not an O365 tenant user)

3) User never received an invite.


I've tried this on a few different external/non-O365 domains an

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Bob what this group created using Microsoft Teams?
Best Response confirmed by Bob Manjoney (Contributor)

As I understand it a Group's communication channel depends on WHERE the group is created from. I don't necessarily like this but understand MSFT is working within some existing constraints.


Does anyone have a good graphic showing what is in ALL Groups (Fi

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I've been looking for the same thing.  


So far this is the best I've found - https://en.share-gate.com/blog/office-365-groups-explained

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Also, a question. We have a Team setup called "XYZ" which created an O365 Group called "XYZ". Once we get Yammer O365 Group integration, if I create a Yammer group called... Read More

In order to open an encrypted message a user needs to download an HTML file which could be used to spread malware. The html file could also be used to phish for credentials.  I don't believe having the user download a file to be a good approach to securin

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So can every other email message? The HTML file approach is used in order to make sure the encrypted message can be opened across all modalities, even for users not using

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Hi All,


we have an requirement to push files from one of the folder in office365 group to sharepoint on weekly basis.


I can acheive above requriement by developing an timer job soltuion which will run weekly once and check office 365 group folder and if t

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If you want to push files weekly then your scheduled jobs approach is more appropriate. Webhooks will be triggered immediately on file/folder added/updated events. I hope

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Have you considered a Flow?

We are excited to announce the ‘Send-as’ and Send-on-behalf of feature for groups in Outlook, which brings you one step closer to turning your email into a great customer support solution.

With the new ‘Send as’ and ‘Send on behalf of’ feature, members of

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I think I am interpreting this correctly, but you can only assign to individual specific people (kinda like shared mailboxes today).

You can't assign Send As, or Send On B... Read More

awesome lots of people were waiting for this.

We get complaints from some users that they are unable to load the members page of O365 groups. Unfortunately, we can't reproduce it. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue?



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Got the same issue, and clearing browser cache or in-private does not solve it

Still seeing it

I have been getting it from time to time recently.


Groups error.PNG

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We now suspect it is related to authentication. Clearing the cookies resolved the issue for these users.

It works fine on mine too.. probably was an isolated issue.

I'm global admin, and am able to create groups via the web interface, however, when  I attempt to do the same in Outlook 2016 desktop app (via the ribbon button "New Group") I cannot. The "Create Group" dialog pops open, I supply the information, but the

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Hi @Bob Manjoney and sorry that you have run into this issue with creating groups. I believe that this is a known bug that has been fixed in a subsequent build. In the me

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Best Response confirmed by Bob Manjoney (Contributor)

Is it possible to enable community site feature on Team Site created for o365 Group?

We tried to do that and got following error: Error.png


We also tried to create a subsite based on Community template but this template is simply not visible on the list.


Is there a

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I agree with @Brent Ellis .  It's not advisable to enable this in a Groups (Modern) team site.  I think you'd be better off to embed a Yammer Group feed on a modern page

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 @Joanna Rojek I am curious to know about the use case of doing this. Community tempate offers threaded discussions. Which is similar to Conversations part of the O 365 g

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I'd really consider not doing this -- as many changes and things they are doing to SharePoint in Groups.

No telling what kind of mess you could get into enabling something... Read More

You could try enable the features that this feature depends on using PnP Powershell.


Enable-PnPFeature should do the trick


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We have discussed in several threads about permissions quirks (bugs?) in Office 365 Groups.

Here is something I just noticed.


  1. I shared with contribute permission a modern team site (i.e. connected to a Group) with an external user (not an external
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Did you try to use the option of inviting the user to the site without having to go through the Advanced permissions?

A new UI appereared to invite group members from within the group site, but it doesn't support inviting guests allthough it is enabled (on our tenant).


The UI in Outlook online does support this feature, this is very confusing for our users.


invite guests.png



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Bart I'm having the same issue. I thought it was just me doing something wrong despite having done it successfully before.
Hello Bart, Here also the same problem :-)

Hi Bart.

You are right, I can confirm the issue.

I added my Gmail account to an Office 365 group but I did not get the invitation email. It worked will my Hotmail account. I do not get any error while adding this Gmail user to the group. Its just that I don't get the invitation email.


I see the Gmail ID

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This shouldn't be the case, you should receive invitation email. Did you check your spam or other folder?

As you know, you can save a file directly to groups from your Outlook Desktop app, but if you are working on your Outlook web platform you cannot.  You can only save directly to your personal OneDrive.


Do you guys know if there is a fix for this in the ne

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Fabien from when you compose a message in a group from Outlook on the web and you attach a file from your PC, do you see the option below?



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How are you saving the files in the context of the Group using OWA?