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I'm trying to change an O365 Group from Public to Private in the Admin Portal but the dropdown is grayed out.  Any idea why?

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I don't think it's available from the portal yet. Try it from OWA. Or simply use PowerShell :)

I have a New Year wish: Since the fog around the ”Group”  concept in Office 365 now has lifted, could we in 2017 please be more clearly and consistent about how we use the group definitions, in our announcements, posts and discussions?


Office 365 Groups s

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Here is our latest slide on this subject, I agree you should differentiate "Office 365 Groups" from each workload: Outlook, Yammer, Teams, SharePoint etc.

Office 365: Designed for the unique workstyle of every groupOffice 365: D

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It's hard to be 'correct' in that there isn't really any consistency in the naming. I refer to the overall concept as an Office 365 Group, then the workloads as Outlook G

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I have something interesting going on with the Search feature on Groups on the Discovery page. When I go there in our production tenant then it does not return any group although we have created multiple groups. In another test tenant I have 4 groups (one

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Hi, Mike


I got 2 more questions regarding this problem. Will be helpful if you could answer. Thanks a lot!


Have you tried to search by keyword of one of the groups? Could

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Hi Mike,


Thanks for reaching out to us with your comments. I just want to clarify that the missing groups in question are missing from both "Active groups" tab as well as

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I recall seeing, I think from an Ignite session, Groups appearing on the Delve profile page. Any update on this feature please?
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Hi everyone,


as everyone knows together with the creation of an Office 365 group also more stuff is being provisioned, like a sitemailbox, SharePoint site, Planner, team. 


We have an issue with the SharePoint site provisioned in this way, cause it is poss

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To be clear, Office 365 Groups DO NOT create site mailbox and every Office 365 Groups comes with a full SharePoint teamsite (you cannot disable the SP provisioning since ... Read More

I have a large file on O365 group which is being shared with my tenant members and invited guest co-workers.


I need to share one of my O365 group file to external user who is not invited yet. This is because I want to get quotation from tentative supplier

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It is not possible to share O365 Groups files to the user as you have mentioned. AFAIK, the work around would be to add the user to Azure B2B and share it, if that works.... Read More

Microsoft can’t be expected to code for every possible scenario within Office 365. That’s why PowerShell is so useful as it lets administrators come up with their own solution. Master the Shell!  In this case, we explore two approaches to discovering how

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PowerShell rocks !!! :-)

Looks like Microsoft is looking for Feedback on Nested Office 365 Groups, see this Ignite Session: https://youtu.be/mfox9-L5Xt0?list=WL&t=3815 

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I think this might be in reference to supporting the conversion of nested distribution groups to Office 365 Groups, not nested Office 365 Groups. Nested Office 365 Groups... Read More

just might anyone knows how long it take to finish to install my 

revenue on my office 365 business account?

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Can you ellaborate a little bit more what you are asking for?

It's good to see a Groups usage report show up in the Office 365 Admin Center. However, maybe there's a small little minor problem with some of the last activity dates?



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Tony this is a known issue we are planning to fix this quarter, thanks for your patience.
You might also wonder which Office 365 Group modality - Clearly it's Outlook Groups. But Microsoft Teams are an Office 365 Group, and Yammer will join in the new year.

 The other problem is that column only shows the last activity in terms of conversations/emails.   It doesn't show the last activity from the SharePoint document library/

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Hi, we're in the process of doing some beta work with Teams, and getting some traction with Planner, as well. However, in enabling these applications for our users, they're gaining additional features in Office 365. We've not done a general roll-out of O3

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Hi Steven. Producing a one-sheet quick reference for end users is becoming more and more difficult with Office 365. When it comes to Office 365 Groups, it represents a co

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Will the translation feature (we currently see in Yammer) or similar be coming to O365 Group conversations?  Or does a 3rd party Outlook feature exist that will do this for Group Conversations?


As we are starting to test this globally, and planning to rep

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I think this feature should arrive first to OWA and them reach Groups... @Christophe Fiessinger Read More

A colleague created a private group and added me. Before he left the company our O365 admin set me up as a group admin in that group. So my group status changed from Member to Owner.


Since Group Life Cycle Management is not available I have to do it manua

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Seems to be a bug IMHO...adding @Christophe Fiessinger

It appears you cannot apply IRM to  the SharePoint document library where Groups stores its files. Normally you would see an option to manage IRM settings, but it is not showing up. Is this supposed to work?

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I have just verified that I can apply IRM in the doc. library of an existing group: are you sure you have properly configured IRM in your tenant?

The SharePoint site of an o365 group has a deny policy for "Add and Customize Pages" (DenyAddAndCustomizePages) which cannot be changed using CSOM or powershell.

What is the purpose of that? MS was always talking about groups getting a full blown sharepoin

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Well, I guess MS does not like customizations and successfull customers anymore.




So to summ

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Hi Oliver,


I think this is gonna be changed later as they are still rolling out new functionality.



I use the Groups app on Android (


When trying to open a hyperlink in the documents library (see https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Add-a-link-in-a-document-library-346b1eb9-1e71-4155-80ca-f868d058a56a?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US) I get

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Hi Bart,


Thanks for letting us know about your issue. I can reproduce the issue myself, and I will pass this information on to our engineering teams.



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I havent found this if it exists, but if I wanted to send a URL to a user for easy access to all Groups they are currently part of, does that exist?


Right now I can tell them to go to Outlook, but if they want to get to it from the web, I have to tell the

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Brent while you are correct there is no single URL since groups are surfaced in the different apps that uses them. A easy starting point is Outlook on the web today.
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Our "Site" link in our test Groups still redirects people to the Shared Documents Library.  I can only get to the site by manually typing in the /sitepages/home.aspx


Should this be automatic at this point, or is the link still rolling out?

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Are you still experiencing this behavior? The main reason the Site tab would have redirected to the doclib in SP is because the 'Groups get sites' flight was still being ... Read More
I think I tried this the other day and it didn't work and now it does. Perhaps the rollout marches a long??
You may try to remove all the cookies for sharepoint.com I think it helps to see the new things faster.
I'm seeing this in my test tenant but its not occurring on all of my groups. Groups created recently are ok, but previous groups are stuck

I am seeing the same in my tenant and find it frustrating that all of the navigation points to something that doesn't seem to exist yet.  I am curious why it is taking so

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Has anyone developed a simple end-user focused FAQ (for non-technical business users) for O365 Groups that they would be willing to share?

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Hi Brett. The Help and How-to section of this Support article has good end-user level info.

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I'm quite sure @Kevin Crossman @Darrell Webster and @Simon Denton can help here Read More

Hi All,


I have created a new Office 365 Group and added members and two owners. One of the owners who is also a member of the group gets the "You dont have permission to send to GROUP" message in OWA and Outlook 2016, however he can send to the group he j

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Mark please contact support to get this addressed.

Does the message show up in OWA? Might be a simple issue with the OAB being out of sync.

Is there any timeline for the rollout of Yammer and Groups integration? Our release preference is set to First release for everyone. I had actually assumed that meant I would have access to the new Yammer integration by now. We're getting ready to setup a

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Once it does start rolling out, what will be the telltale signs? In other words, how will I know that the integration has happened?
Yeap, but things has to go at its pace!
Thanks! Wish it could be sooner though. :)
AFAIK this integration will start coming at the end of the year

My wife can't login to the Windows 10 Mobile Outlook Group app. A message says something like her email isn't an Office 365 account. However, she has Office 365 Personal, in which she logs in with the same email @outlook.com.gr

Thanks for the help,


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That's a consumer subscription, they dont have access to (most of the) Office 365 functionalities. Just in case looping @Christophe Fiessinger who might have additional i

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Hello, I'm new here. I'm having problems with Outlook.com's Shared calendar (sync does not work anymore) so I'd like to use Outlook Groups instead.

First things first, the Outlook Destop app does not allow me to edit many group options, so I'd like to know

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Below cmdlet, will set the new primary email address for the group.

set-unifiedGroup -Identity <GroupName> -PrimarySMTPAddress <new email address>


To remove the old email

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Group e-mail alias can only be changed using PowerShell



My company would like to start using Planner and SharePoint Group sites (and OneDrive group documents). But since we are using another email solution (at this time) we plan not to enable Exchange Online licenses to our Office 365 users.


1) If no soluti

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AFAIK, Exchange Online is a requirement to have both Groups and Planner working

Hi. I have a colleague who is trying to get Office 365 Group notifcations on his iPhone. However, he can only turn on notifcations for certain groups and not others. Is there any logical reason why that would be?


Thanks, Laurie

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