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We are very excited to announce that we are rolling out groups experiences in Outlook for Mac, iOS and Android. When available on your device, you can -

  • View your group list.
  • Read and reply to group conversations.
  • Add group events to your personal calend
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It would really be helpful to be transparent about which versions of the client apps support Groups, especially given the "you may or may not see this immediately" guidan

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Hi Krish, question - what is the perceived path forward for users that don't use Outlook for email on their mobile device currently (e.g. uses built-in iphone app, or gma... Read More

If you've deleted an Office 365 group, it's now retained by default for a period of 30 days. Within that period, you can now restore the group and its associated apps and data via a new PowerShell cmdlet.  For additional information please go to https://aka.ms/groupssoftdelete

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I've been testing with this (long awaited) feature and when I restore a deleted group, it doesn't re-appear in my Outlook 2016 client nor in the web client


When I search

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@Christophe Fiessinger I've been testing this and there seems to be some inconsistency, or perhaps just delays in how the restoration is processed in the back end.

The iss

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Awesome news, glad you finally relased this feature! Some more information on what happens when you soft-delete a group might be useful, for example can the group still r

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Great news! Is it planned to know how long Groups have left in the recoverable state be available via these cmdlets?
Excellent! ty.

Is it possible to have "accept emails from outside" turned off, but still allow a particular email address through?  For example a SharePoint workflow (noreply@sharepointonline.com), or maybe a specific on premise SMTP server?


We'd like to take advantage,

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Not really, but you could set the group to accept emails from outside, but then to use an Exchange Transport Rule so that you block everything destined for that email add... Read More

We are happy to announce the world wide roll-out of Guest management features in Office admin portals.

With guest access we have democratized the way people collaborate with external users and since its launch 6 months ago, it’s an extremely popular featu

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We were already aware of this at the Change Alerts Group :-)...but we were missing this official announcement...ey @Vasil Michev then the Guest users option had not been

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Good stuff Sahil! Keep it coming!

Am I missing something or is it not possible currently to nest O365 groups?

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Presumeably the "Dynamic Membership" feature will allow more intelligent Group memberships buy ensuring folks that meet certain conditions based on attributes are always

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This question comes up very commonly for people who are thinking about migrating from distribution groups where nesting is supported and used extensively. Although the tw... Read More
It's not, you can "add" the group but its membership is simply expanded instead of adding the actual group.

Could someone please explain the default sharing permissions for the Owners and Members groups on the SharePoint Team Site?


The Members group contains the O365 Group name, which makes sense.


The Owners group is empty.  Should this contain the names of the

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My (strong) advice is to leave alone the Owners and Members groups in the advanced permissions settings of modern team sites. You should act on these default groups only

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Currently it appears that O365 groups does not provide the necessary functionality to replace Shared Mailboxes. Due to the limited features offered in Groups, several of our clients are not ready to rollout Groups as a replacement. Furthermore, the Groups

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@Amir Khan

Groups are advertised as upgrades for DLs but not for SMs.

Groups use indeed an SM behind the scenes, but, as you have already discovered, most of the shared mai

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Well it's a discussion that often pops up, however I havent seen any official answer from MS as to whether they are planning to enrich Groups to offer anything beyond the

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How you tried to configure the Group as a regular MailBox in Outlook? You will be able to do there some of the actions you are requesting here such as categorize conversa... Read More

I'm working on a customer tenant with my AAD credentials. The customer invited me into a Office 365 Group as a Guest. The access is working fine and I'm also getting the email. At the moment we are working on a really large document with multiple people.

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No, it is not normal.

If an owner has not modified the permissions (first of all, you should confirm it...), you should open a support ticket.

Hello. When I try to 'Upload a new document template' (word document), to a custom content type on my Group team site, I get this error:


"Sorry, you don't have access to this page"


Am I doing something wrong?


In a normal Team Site, I can upload a document

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Okay. It looks like I just have to practice being patient with some suggesting it can take up to 48 hours! https://joannecklein.com/2016/09/16/spo-content-type-hub/ Read More

An Update:


The custom content type has still not appeared in my Group team site - now 2+ hours. Very frustrating! I'm reasonably confident that I have published the conte

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As I get a better insight in the use of Microsoft Office365 groups it becomes clear to me that the Office365 Group is an object in the Azure Active Directory. This object in conjubction with one or more different functions.

At first Office365 groups was an

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I think Groups should be looked at as a collaboration tool (the same way you now look at Teams).

No way in heck business end users understand if I explain Groups as a memb... Read More
Whilst i know that Office 365 Group is an AAD object I can never think about it in those terms because of all the automation that happens to synchronize the object with d... Read More

If you mean creating a Group and "ticking" features for it (conversations, Teams, Planner etc.), no.

This kind of functionality has been requested many times here, but it

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I may be the only person on the planet with WinPhone, Groups but this after scheduling a series of meetings in OWA Calendar for some of my Groups, my phone went beserk as it had 20+ copies of the same calendar entry (I suspect one for each member of the G

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I'll be opening a ticket, but would like to confirm if others can recreate this:


If you have an O365 Group, and go to the web-based group calendar, and create a new entry (without making it a skype meeting), it successfully creates and invites all Group m

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It may not be similar but I have had issues with the calendar invite start time moving around as I think there are issues with timezone support - there is none in the OWA... Read More

I have observed that the underlying site for the office 365 groups is a site collection.


This site collection  does not appear in the list of site collections for Admin - SharePoint.


Could you please let me know, if we could 

1) create a subsite instead of

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Yes, it's a site collection, they are hidden in the SPO admin center but you can manage them via PowerShell/CSOM. No, you cannot change it to site.


Group lifefycle manage

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Looks like this is an issue - I have successfully been able to add external recipients as guests in an Office 365 Group if they are not listed in the GAL, however when I come to add a contact listed in the GAL as a guest, I receive the below warning;



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Is there an update to the timeline for this? It's now mid-April and this feature still isn't available!

Microsoft now has an Office 365 Roadmap item to allow a mail contact to be added as an external guest to an Office 365 group. It's coming... (like Christmas!)

I cound't agree more!  The guest access to groups is basically useless for my orgainization until it can coexist with exchange contacts.  We have a ton of distribution li

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Thanks @George Khalil for reaching out! Currently adding of mail contacts as guest is not supported, however there is way you can add mail contacts for which you would ne

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Best Response

two questions (haven't found any answer in this techcommunity or anywhere else)


1) Where Power BI Workspaces are stored for an O365Group  ?

Is it SPO ? If yes, where are the files located (specific folder ?) ?


2) any chance to get the O365Groupname + corre

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Is there a way to determine what your Planner url will be for a Group via PowerShell?


Right now it uses a big random set of characters.  



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What are you trying to achieve with it? What's the use case please?
A new message in the Office 365 Message Center advises that you will no longer be able to suppress the initial welcome message for a new Office 365 Group.
Was this a useful command? Why would an admin wish to suppress the welcome message?
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Hi All,
We saw that many customers were getting confused between the “warmup” email and “welcome” email, this discussion is one such example. Admins who have a good reaso
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Darrell Webster wrote:
Why would an admin wish to suppress the welcome message?

Because it's a communication from Microsoft, not from the company. Some corps want full cont

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That's the message create in the Group conversations, not the welcome message sent to users. I've seen people asking for options to supress the latter, which is now possi

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Interested on knowing also this and why the team has decided to remove the parameter