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Very important indeed, and exciting to see it being deployed globally into production.

Seems like a very recent change but if you email a group that you are a member of you no longer get the message in your own inbox.


If others email the group you get the message so you are subscribed properly and I can confirm same issue against other grou

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Mmm...I can confirm that I'm experiencing this cc @Tejas Mehta @Christophe Fiessinger

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I am getting the following error. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm a Global admin in the tenant.


Connect-PnPMicrosoftGraph -Scopes "Group.ReadWrite.All","User.Read.All"

PS C:\Scripts> Get-PnPUnifiedGroup
Get-PnPUnifiedGroup : Exception o

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Hi Dean,


I just tried here but I get no errors. If you execute the cmdlet as said, and if you still receive the error, can you enter 




and p

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Does the std Get-UnifiedGroup powershell cmdlets work?

We have recently fixed the email sending behavior to a group, where senders had complained about receiving the emails they send to a group, back in their personal inbox. With this fix, senders will no longer receive the emails they send to a group, back i

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This is the kind of communication I was expecting and that can be also found here: https://products.office.com/en-us/business/office-365-roadmap?featureid=76175 Read More

Does anyone know if there any plans to allow users to select different custom domains when creating Groups via the admin portal?  I know this can be done via PowerShell but it would be good if a different custom domain could be selected for the group ID f

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The Exchange Admin Center supports chaning the domain, so you can use that I guess. Whether this will make it to the O365 Admin Center I don't know, perhaps @Anne Michels

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So it seems that you can break permissions of individual lists/libraries/items, but you can't actually set permissions on the site as a whole?  Am I missing something when looking at configuring general permissions of a SharePoint Site


Is there general gu

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at the moment I'm leaning towards not touching groups team sites permissions. My main concern is user experience. Even though you could assign permission to nonmember of

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Nobody has really answered the question here, and I too have similar questions in terms of best practice.  For instance, what if you want to open your Group site up to a

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@Brent Ellis

Anyway, if you feel adventurous, you can try "https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/sites/<group>/_layouts/15/user.aspx".

Be careful! :smileywink:

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I think that Site Permissions are determined by the Group membership/ownership.

One of our users wanted to try out the MS Teams features. As all private Office 365 Groups also are potential MS Teams users get confused. In this case the user "removed" a potential duplicate Team from the teams app itself. The user didn't notice a Offic

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Yeap, that's the reality for now

We have the problem here that a (normal) user is unable to invite guests to his group and can only invite people from our AD. If I sign into this group (me being a tenant admin) and make myself an owner of the group, all invites work as expected, meaning

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That's what I thought as well and as I am able to put guests into groups I would assume that it is enabled (and yes, its already working with people I invited). Any idea ... Read More
If external guests to groups is enabled, you are done so it seems there is something wrong in your tenant with that particular user

We just enabled O365 Group Writeback via AADConnect to bring out O365 Groups back on prem.  They are created as Distribution Lists.


Are we able to change those to Security Groups so that they can leveraged elsewhere as security objects?  Will they get ove

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bump for any comment?

Hey all,

I'm trying to see if anyone is able to get content type hub syndication working with the new O365 Group sites. I have it working for our normal sites, but none of the custom content types are coming into the group sites. Any ideas on this? 
When I

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Im just checking this. This would be the first place to look for viable consistency. Im going to try a test publish to CTH and then swing back tot he Office365 groups

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Thanks for all the responses, everyone. I think it is clear this is needed, all I really would like at this point is a promise from Microsoft that this is coming, and in

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I just realized my notifications for this were in my junk mail. Thanks for the reply everyone! The 'Group' sites are still not getting content types for me, FYI. 

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Be aware that Group sites are at the moment special sites...this could change when modern sites arrive to groups

So, we are about to do some major rollout of Groups to our company.  While there are a million "entry points" for Groups, we simply wanted a list of Groups that a member belongs to on our Intranet Homepage, with quick links to each of the major workloads.

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Pure beauty :-)


Some things I didn't know and might be helpful to others:


- don't forget to change @buckman.com to the domain you use for your O365 groups (I wonder if th

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Very impressive, I wish some of this was built in!!

Great stuff @Brent Ellis! As you mentioned, would love to see this in SPFx form or potentially as "My Groups Bot" embedded in Microsoft Teams! The bot could help drive ac

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We would really like to get O365 Groups exposed in Outlook for Mac as it is in Outlook for Windows. The lack of this feature makes deployment of Groups much more difficult in the executive levels of our company. (Keep in mind, without executive buy i

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I think an issue here is that the current Mac client is based on EWS (Exchange Web Services). Groups are not supported by EWS, so some work is required to enable Groups u... Read More



so we're a couple of months further. No info about Groups in Outlook for Mac on the roadmap.

I hard to "sell" if a neat feature isn't availble on all clients. 


In thi

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There should be a Mac Office section in these forums, rahter than having all the Mac topics spread throughout... just my .02.  It was very helpful in the yammer-based com

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yes we plan support Groups in Outlook for Mac in the future but do not have a date to share at this stage (fyi @Amit Gupta )

There is nothing in the roadmap about Groups in Outlook for MAC...maybe @Christophe Fiessinger can tell us if this is something that we will have in the future

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Is there any such thing as a stable sync client? We have to resync from at least one users PC every week, often more.


Even on brand new PCs we are getting continuous sync problems requiring repair and resync. Whilst this works, it scares me how unstable t

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Are you deploying the next-gen sync client to users? This is much more reliable, and supports both OneDrive for Business and Team Sites / Office 365 Groups.



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I was happy to see the Yammer/Office 365 Groups integration demonstrated in the Office 365 Groups Overview session at MSIgnite. Creating a Yammer group creates the Office 365 Group in Azure AD, a SharePoint Team Site, Document Library, Notebook and Planne

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Adrienne Trudeau has an awesome demo of how Yammer & Groups will play together. Goes for about 15 mins.  Highly recommend you watch the entire video, but to save you the

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Yes as mentioned in the blog post and at the Ignite session: "Subsequent phases will automatically migrate existing groups in Yammer, address remaining Office 365 tenants

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Best Response

Hi folks,


"How can we set data classification while creating a group?" This is a question I get to hear very frequently from my clients, and today, you CAN NOT set this while creating a group.  You can only set the group data classification AFTER it is cr

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While the Outlook and Planner endpoints are being updated, I would point your users to SharePoint Home to create Team Sites and enable the automatic group creation within

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While agree with this, you have it (partially) when you create a Modern Team site...you can choose the classification type for your site and also for the underlying group

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