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Please find a summary of the Office 365 Groups presence at Microsoft Ignite two weeks ago, watch all the recordings!


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wohoo.... thanks

The latest set of updates for Groups in Outlook introduces new ways to manage the group emails you receive in your inbox. These updates are, in large part, based on customer feedback about the Groups subscription model. That model has now been replaced wi

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I read the article you shared. It was helpful and helped to clarify this but I still have some questions that I was wondering if you could clarify for me. In Groups if me... Read More
Very interesting what it's being cooked not only around following Groups but also better controls to manage Groups from the UI...I'm seeing I have already some of the new... Read More



Can anyone explain me this Groups behavior in Outlook when you select Groups folder with new emails, don’t even read them and then select different folder and all emails in Groups are marked as read automatically, blue triangle after few moments

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You are correct in pointing out that the Groups conversations list/folder behaves differently than your inbox or other folders. This is what we call the Groups Seen/U... Read More

Is it now possible to create two different document libraries in the site of a group and have different sets of permissions for those libraries?


My scenario is that I have created a group... then I need to give two sets of external users access to the g

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If what you want is to have different sets of Group guest members then this is not possible.

If instead, you want to share the two libraries to two different sets of exte

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So, we are about to do some major rollout of Groups to our company.  While there are a million "entry points" for Groups, we simply wanted a list of Groups that a member belongs to on our Intranet Homepage, with quick links to each of the major workloads.

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Pure beauty :-)


Some things I didn't know and might be helpful to others:


- don't forget to change @buckman.com to the domain you use for your O365 groups (I wonder if th

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Very impressive, I wish some of this was built in!!

Great stuff @Brent Ellis! As you mentioned, would love to see this in SPFx form or potentially as "My Groups Bot" embedded in Microsoft Teams! The bot could help drive ac

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ETA is next year, please note you can now also restore deleted groups via the Exchange Admin Center.

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Has the "Open with Explorer" feature ever been discussed as it relates to the Groups files?  That functionality has been very useful on a few occasions when migrating data from one library to another in SharePoint.

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I prefer to use File Explorer over the NGSC

It is still available when documents are opened in Internet Explorer. AFAIK, it workes only in IE as it depends on ActiveX control. 


 Open in Internet ExplorerOpen in Internet Explorer

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Best Response confirmed by Cameron Gocke (Occasional Contributor)
It's my understanding that Open in Explorer is on its way out. I forget the limitations that were listed. Anyone care to comment?

I have some o365 groups created though sds for classroom.


The groups are private but they appear in the global address list.


Is there a way to prevent this and hide them? 

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What if I wanted to prevent email from going to a group and have it redirected or auto reply to the sender?

Problem is we have an email group centraldispatch~ and it's ver

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Setwart you can do so via PowerShell: Set-UnifiedGroup -Id Group -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $True

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Hello, I just migrated a client to 365 from exchange on prem, were trying out office 365 groups for the first time and having a TERRIBLE experience with the shared calendar. This is a small law firm that handles all of their bookings through the shared la

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Hi Robert, 

Assuming that Outlook 2016 (not web client) is your team's main Outlook client, I'm gathering two issues here:

  1. Some group members do not see specific groups
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@Ravin Sachdeva any insight here?

Hi all. I am trying to get my head around the Calendar part of Groups and understand why a team or department would choose to use it. As far as I can see there is no Skype integration, and as 90% of our meetings are Skype meetings we would need to continu

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Did I miss something but reading this thread, no one in the replies dealt with the Skype issue - no integration means it is only for location / room based meetings?
If Planner start/deadline dates were on there I could see a reason, but, like you, I can't quite see how it's of any use to us.

Our particular group (in our organization) uses it for when colleagues are out of office (like vacations), major events, deadlines, milestones.

It's less so of a team meet

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In a similar vein I have difficulty when scheduling meetings with everyone in a group.  With distribution lists I could expand the list in order to look at the details of

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Some of the use cases I've seen for a  Group calendar is for group meetings - you schedule on the group calendar and it automatically invites all subscribed members. Also

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I find that in two different Office 365 tenants my organization is unable to create an event and add a skype meeting to that event on the Office 365 group calendar via the web interface (outlook.office.com). We seem to be able to create the event with an

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I have not seen this kind of issue on the tenants I manage

Seems like a very recent change but if you email a group that you are a member of you no longer get the message in your own inbox.


If others email the group you get the message so you are subscribed properly and I can confirm same issue against other grou

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Lifting... Is this still the behaviour?

I'm almost 100% certain that I a few month back received my own mails sent to a Group. I do see settings for this in the group:
"Fol... Read More

Mmm...I can confirm that I'm experiencing this cc @Tejas Mehta @Christophe Fiessinger

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We would like to determine where a group was provisioned, whether it was Planner, Teams, etc.  Is there a PS attribute that can help with this?

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You can use the below scripts to find the Groups that were provisioned by Yammer and Teams.


Yammer integrated Office 365  Group List

Get-UnifiedGroup |Where-Object {$_.Pro
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There is no such attribute today. Stepping back what are you trying to achieve with this information, what's the use case please?

What are others out there doing for their naming conventions on O365 Groups?  Looking for recommendations, whats working well, what might not be necessary after you implemented it, etc.

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Also, what happens when a Microsoft Team is created and creates an Office 365 group? Does it adhere to the groups naming policy?

We added a prefix for all O365 groups so they could be easily identified in the GAL. If I recall in EAC there's an option to create a group policy. The user can create th

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Looking at data, not a lot of customers have implemented naming policies since it's not very natural to end users and might reduce engagement, so would not recommend any ... Read More

While traditional team sites can be provisioned using a customized self-service site provisioning wizard to create a customized team sites (e.g. with custom home page, doclibs, lists, folder structure etc), can do the same with the Office 365 Groups' mode

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At the moment, you will need to build a provisioning solution using either custom code using CSOM and the PnP or Flow and the Microsoft Graph API. Using either of these m... Read More

Hi this should be possible aldo i never done it. Curious going to find it out real soon as i am going to provision groups and sites using pnp

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to save the attachment from an email in a O365 Groups mailbox to the O365 Groups Files repository?  It seem like the only way to accomplish this is to save it down to a PC dirve first and then upload it.

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We're currently working on allowing saving a document received to the current group's files. We're also looking to expand this concept to saving a document received in th

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Best Response confirmed by Ronald Bond (New Contributor)

The easy way to do this is to synchronize the document library to the PC using the OneDrive for Business (old) sync client. You can then "save as" an email attachment to

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I wonder if you can use Microsoft Flow for this. I know I have used Flow for a regular email, so when an email comes in with an attachment, the attachment is automaticall... Read More

I have a customer that is using Office365 groups to collaborate, mostly for file sharing. 


Overall they don't want to allow any external sharing via their O365 groups, except for one specific group which is going to be used to share certain files with ext

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You can block adding guests to all existing groups by assigning AllowToAddGuests=false (see here) to all groups but the one you want to keep enabled. However this will no

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Short answer: No. Microsoft does not provided a granular setting for guest access to Groups....you can enable / disable it globally, but no per group basics...what you ca... Read More

A customer of mine wants to disable sync for all Groups doclibs.

AFAIK there is not a global setting for this.

I know that it is possible to do it manually for every single doclib in the advanced library settings, but such approach is impractical for hundre

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I am sorry, but I do not know of any way to disable the ability for users to synchronize a document library via PowerShell...

We have recently fixed the email sending behavior to a group, where senders had complained about receiving the emails they send to a group, back in their personal inbox. With this fix, senders will no longer receive the emails they send to a group, back i

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I have several groups set up in "People".  When I try to send to a group from the email screen, the Group Name does not come up as a choice.  It is unrecognized, even if

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Any news on the ability to configure Office 365 groups so that the sender receives the email?  I have users that really, really want that ability.


Still not fixed. We've been testing the behavior of the Group Conversations, and still any message within a conversation goes to the Group but also the the personal

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Is this change world wide yet? I have some tenants where the change has not taken place.


Thank you.



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As a teacher I set up each one of my class sets as a group.  I do not like this change as when I used to send a message to a group the email that was sent to my inbox was

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Hi I am currently evaluating how Office Online Integration into a website via WOPI can be realized. Goal is to provide Office Online for 6-10 users.


I do not understand what License is needed for integration. Do I need a business license or is Office 365

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Can you describe the typical user? Is the user a commercial employee, or a student or consumer?


I ask primarily because the consumer variants of Office - including Home

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I'm curious to know how are you going to integrate Office Online in Office 365 in your custom App

There is a great article on the details and requirements of this here.


Also, a more simplified and official format for the information can be found at this location

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Am I missing something or is it not possible currently to nest O365 groups?

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Presumeably the "Dynamic Membership" feature will allow more intelligent Group memberships buy ensuring folks that meet certain conditions based on attributes are always

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This question comes up very commonly for people who are thinking about migrating from distribution groups where nesting is supported and used extensively. Although the tw... Read More
It's not, you can "add" the group but its membership is simply expanded instead of adding the actual group.

Faced the issue on two different tenants, unable to change the look and feel of office 365 groups sites, by navigating to Site Contents>Site settings >Change the look,no matter what look i select i just get a working on it message, tried different browser

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I too am having this issue. It will be working on it all day long. I am surprised nobody has found a resolution to this yet.

I too have the same issue for "modern" team sites. It just sits there spinning on "Working on it..." for a very long time. What's strange is I was able to "change the loo

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It seems we're having a similar issue.

Did you get any update on this, or found some workaround you can share?




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Changing theme in SPO site is in general is a heavy operation, but it should end with the expected result no matter if you are talking about a Group site or any other SPO

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I am still confused about the ability to share with external users. I have been able to successfully share with a gmail, hotmail, and other "consumer" providers.


I am not successful with other Office 365 external users.


Is this a supported scenario? I hav

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Best Response confirmed by Eric Adler (Frequent Contributor)

I've been doing a lot of investigation and exploration lately of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and the SharePoint Modern Team Site you get when you create either one. The trifecta of cool new stuff, if you will. I tend to do a lot of my experimentat

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Hi Tech Community.


I'm administration on a O365 education plan and wondering if it's possible to switch all groups to favorites on behalf of my colleagues? The reason is

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Hi David,

This is interesting.  We are just starting to explore O365, and I had not come across this yet.  Can you tell me where each of these favorites are actually saved

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This is a thoughtful post and thanks for the clean writeup.


It's a tough design problem for sure.  Truth be told there are some technical blockers that would make it ha

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We aren't using Teams yet, and probably wont for a good while. Just now rolling out Groups in wider numbers.

The approach we are taking is simply "Favoriting" is ONLY for ... Read More

Hi all,

has anyone here used the Zendesk connector that allows you to escalate support tickets to Office 365 Groups?

I have installed the connector but can see no way of replying back to the support ticket from the Office 365 group.  Microsoft did a demo of

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We have a set AAD Group that can create O365 Groups and a process to request Groups to be created.


However, we also have a set of users around the globe that are Exchange Admins (not global admins).  One of these users can create O365 Groups - specificall

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Yes, the restrictions don't apply to admin roles.



I'm currently evaluating switching to groups for a K12-school. But as I can't have students adding and removing bookings from the group calendar, I'm looking for a way to set read-only permissions. I've seen some reference to using the set-unifiedgrou

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Have you already tried -CalendarMemberReadOnly $true ?