Usage report for 365 Group Team Sites

Sam Giles
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Usage report for 365 Group Team Sites

Good Morning,


I have a query, regarding 'Site Usage' within Sites that are created via 365 Group creation.


1) Is there a feature that controls these differently than Site Collections created purely from SP.


2) Is there a reason site visits are not recorded through the 'Site Usage' page in 'Site Contents' for these Group Sites?


3) Every one of my Site colletions work absolutely fine with accurate and up to date results. So it makes this very frustrating and counterproductive for myself and users.


Can anyone provide any useful points on how i can attack this?


Kind regards

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Re: Usage report for 365 Group Team Sites

My 2 cents here:

1) Site usage feature is the same for any SPO site no matter if we are talking about a classic SPO Site or a modern one

2) I have seen this before and I think it could be a tenant related problem so I recommend you to raise a support ticket

3) What's your question here?

Re: Usage report for 365 Group Team Sites

Good Afternoon,


Thank you for your reply,


Hopefully it is something site-centric as the other sites are working really well. Ive been through a search but now have support tickets open so hopefully i can get to the bottom of it.


There are no site features disabled/enabled to one set of sites compared to group sites, which i thought may be the start point. Fingers crossed.