Announcing Office 365 Groups + Team Sites integration!

Kady Dundas

Today, we announced the integration of Office 365 Groups and Team Sites. When you create an Office 365 Group, you get a shared inbox, calendar, OneNote notebook, a Planner for task management—and now, a full-powered SharePoint team site.


The integration of O365 Groups and SharePoint team sites means that any time a new team site is created, a new group membership will be created as well. You can easily see the members of the site, if the site is listed as public or private within your organization and how it has been classified. In addition, all existing Office 365 Groups will be updated with their own team site. And once the rollout is complete for your tenant, all newly created groups will get a team site by default.


Get the complete details in this post and learn more during the O365 Groups sessions at Ignite.

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AWESOME milestone! Fun times ahead at Ignite next month.


"To address this, we will increase the SharePoint Online site collection storage limit in the coming weeks from 1 TB to 25 TB."

So eventually, group and teamsite will be the same thing?


Or will they have different features?

Teamsites are (or will be) PART of the Group experience. Groups are really the container for a variety of products/features that one set of securely access people can access -- Planner, Files, Notebook, Teamsites, Calendar, etc.

Got it. That makes sense.


But remaining questions is... Will group file and teamsite library different? or integrated?


teamsite library is PART of teamsite, and teamsite is PART of group.


so... group files and teamsite library are not in same hierarchy.

whoeiii cool nice work!
Good news. This from @Mark Kashman.
Groups Files [doc library] and the default Team Site library ["Shared documents" in the top level site of the Site Collection] will be one and the Sam library.
In other words, you will access the same doc library by using Group Files as you will through the top level Team Site Shared documents library.
So what happens when I've already created a group and had a Team Site created for us (for the same group of people)? Do I need to re-do everything?
IMHO, It will receive all the stuff that is part of modern team sites

They are not the same! Office 365 Groups are Azure AD objects and provides cross-application group membership to enable teams to easily collaborate in their favorite apps: Outlook, Planner, Power BI, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM etc.

I can't figure out if the storage limit means just that you can go beyond the free 1TB per tenant, or if they're expanding the free storage per tenant to 25TB. Anyone have insight?
But still no guest access?
The storage limit means that a single site collection in SPO can store up to 25 TB. It does not means, at least for now, that the free storage is going to be increased from 1 TB to 25 TB
No yet, it's coming...the bad news are that there is, for now, no ETA defined

What I don't understand is...


Guest access is basic function of teamsite. Is MS going to terminate this feature when teamsite comes part of Group?

Sorry, what's coming is guest access to Groups...of course you have the guest access via Sharing in SPO Team Sites

Guest Access is coming soon - keep your eyes on Office Blogs!

How does navigation work between groups and team sites?


For example how does a member of groups A, B or C navigate to the team site D and back? As I understand it each one is it's own site collection and so not necessarily related.


Can global navigation schemes be implemented that link group sites to team sites?

IMHO, Microsoft has still to explain/disclose their approach to may stuff such this global navigation experience that I'm afraid is not being cooked yet...IMHO the approach to navigate between Groups is just by using the new SharePoint landing page

I am the owner of my new group. Every time I click Add an app, I get redirected to my group Document Library. Clicking Site Contents also leads me back to the Document Library. Are there features not enabled yet? 

Lauren this feature is still being rolled out to first release customers.

Christophe, are you saying I'm not on new groups yet? My org is a first release customer. How would I know if I am working with new groups?

Well, there is no way at least currently to know it...just what the team can share here

@Lauren Rodan did you ever get an answer to your question?  I also am trying to figure out how I can tell if we have the new Groups- Team Site Integration.  I would think there would be something in the Admin that would tell us.


The only way I have right now is to create a group - and see what it adds.  So far - just a "Files" library.


And when they say it's still rolling out to First Release customers.... does the whole tenant have to be First Release?  We have less than a dozen IT Team members identified as First Release - so will we get this with the First Relase - or not?


My apologies if these questions are obvious to others - I'm a project manager for O365 Launch - not an IT Admin background.



@Jill McDevitt The gist of the answer I got was that the features I can see right now are the ones I can use. Other features will roll out later.

This new feature is not showing to my tenant yet, even it is set to first release.




We have "Team" group, and basic sharepoint site "Team site".


If those are going to be integrated as one, what whould be the name?


"Team" group gets it's sharepoint site named "Team",


and "Team site" sharepoint site gets it's group named "Team site"?



And let's say, I have same name group and site, like "Idea" group, and "Idea" site.


Will they merged into same one? or having different naming policy?


little bit confusing here.

Modern team sites are being rolled out gradually...and I'm pretty sure the kind of "merge" you are describing is not going to happen / be provided

@Juan Carlos González Martín - yes I can understand now how that would not be feasible to "retro-fit" existing groups.  Now I'm just trying to find an "identifiier" that will indicate that we have the new feature - ie something I can have our IT Team look for in the Admin Portal.  Right now - I just keep trying to add a group - and see if I get the new Team Site.  I'm just a Project Mgr/Power User - I don't have the technical background - so apologize if my questions seems stupid or silly.


Thanks for your reply.  I'll just keep reading and watching for posts on the subject.



Are there any updates on this release for FR, now that Ignite is about to wrap up?

We're on full tenant FR, and I we haven't received neither the Modern Pages nor the Group/Teamsite Integration.


The group is exposing it's existing teamsite features, the sites name follows the name of the group. This feature doesn't merge existing SharePoint sites with existing groups.
I think you could just look at an existing Group in Outlook Web and see if the navigation gains a 'Site' button. I've not heard that any first release customers have see it arrive yet.

It's still being rolled out, thanks for your patience. Until then see this demo I gave this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR9KJq_5BP8&feature=youtu.be

Discover Microsoft Office 365 Groups, a key component of our group collaboration solution that enables you to move from task to task with cross application group membership (managed in Azure AD). Office 365 apps that are leveraging groups include Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, Skype for Business ...

One thing I'm not sure on is when this comes online does it mean there is now no difference between a Team site created by a Group and one created within SharePoint? Would all the navigation options etc be the same.


Also is a normal intranet site meerly a public group without a fixed list of members?

From all the descriptions I've read, I'd say yes, a group has a site, and site has a group. Both should look the same, if created after the release of the update.

I'm not sure about existing team sites/groups.

Also I'm not quite sure what that means for the root site collection (https://tenantname.sharepoint.com) that's also based on the teamsite template I think. 

In theory the group memberships (owner/members) should be the existing site memberships sitename owner/member of a teamsite. Visitors group does not appear to be used yet by groups.

Therefore I'm uncertain if the root site collection, that might already have custom permissions (e.g. everyone read), suddenly gets a group in AAD.

Existing team sites will receive updates such as modern pages, home page and so on but they won't receive a group...same happens with the root site collection...this for existing tenants. For new tenants, I would like to know what Microsoft has to say :)

from our deck last week at Ignite

The concern with this is permissions. Curently our exiting team sites are based largley on AD security groups to determine access levels.


For the same effect with Group memberships would we not need dynamic groups, which is an Azure AD premium feature we don't have? 

The ability to control permissions on the Group SharePoint site separate from the Group membership will still be available.  

At Ignite I think I saw a demo where you can opt out of  the Group part when you add a Team site.

Mid Oct. and I haven't seen it in my tenant yet, just wondering, has anyone seen the update?
No news...roll out seems to be a little bit slow :-)...be patiente

I came back from vacation today and saw that in my Group view (in OWA) that I now have "Site" as a link.  But when I click on it - it still only goes to the Files/Document Library - with no option to see the rest of the Site - like a Home page.  See my pics attached.


Thoughts?  What am I missing?



Jill, you missed nothing, same is with me - all such links forward on Group OneDrive. I guess the deployment is still "in progress"

I can confirm I have at least 1 Group now in which the "site" link takes you to the proper modern site landing page (home.aspx).  In most other Groups I checked, the "site" link is taking me directly to the SharePoint document library but the full team site experience is available using left nav, site settings, etc.  So overall I still see things as being deployed in my primary FR tenant. 

When we first received modern pages for Groups it took a day or so and then the Home page links worked for all groups.

We've got the groups/sites integration, as well as modern pages.

Took a workday or so to fully work. For most groups I had to manually click "Home" once to redirect the "Site" link from files to home.aspx.

Worked for most of my groups. One is just redirecting again and again to the documents library - will wait few days.

But one group is acting up when I navigate to "Home"

Sorry, something went wrong
Invalid group id or group alias.






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