In the "New Outlook", how do you create a booking on another calendar?

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I have a list of calendars that come under "Other Calendars" for booking laptops.  When I try to create a new booking, I do not get the option to add said booking to the relevant calendar.  

I have tried showing the calendar by selecting it and deselecting my own calendar, but the booking still only offers me the choice of booking to my calendar.  

What I am looking for is the function to choose which of the calendars I have access to I make any particular booking to.  



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If you want to create an event into a shared calendar, switch to Split view first (click Week on top -> Split view), make sure the shared calendar is selected under Other calendars, then right-click on the corresponding time slot and create the event.


@Vasil Michev 

Thanks Vasil.  Unfortunately, I just get the standard internet browser context menu when I right click on an available slot.  Is this something that is set by admin do you think?



Right, by right-click I meant left-click on an empty slot. At least that's how it works in Edge. And there's also a handy drop-down on top that allows you to select the calendar in which to create the event:



Thanks again @Vasil Michev.  

I've found that I have to remove the calendars I have listed under Other Calendars and then re-add them from the directory.  When they appear under Peoples Calendars (and after a refresh of the browser), changing to split view and then trying to add the event, I am now getting the option of which calendar I want to add to!


Annoying that I'm going to have to remove and re-add all my calendars though!

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