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Gabriel Valdez Malpartida on 09-20-2017 09:33 AM
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Hi Gabriel. I understand and thank you for your detailed explanation. I am aware bookings focuses on external use, but it wasn't something we intended on using it for (the booking page, email notifications, etc..). We just needed a solution for our office staff that had the same sort of setup as boo...
Hi Michael - I think I understand your scenario, but that is something for which Bookings was not really designed. Bookings was designed for an external customer to make an appointment with your business/staff, so asking them to know the recurrence and length of the project doesn't make sense for th...
Hi @Gabriel Valdez Malpartida Thank you for getting back to me. I haven't got that far with the Outlook calendar yet, we have only just began merging the day-to-day operations of our business with 365. It sounds slightly similar to something we are after, yes. For example, we have a booking with a c...
Hi @Michael Scullion - Could you please give me more details on the recurring bookings scenario? Would this be similar to the recurrent meetings you can set up in the calendar in Outlook? I.e. "This meeting occurs every Tuesday from 1-2pm until 12/7/2018"? Thanks!
These are great features, but when will the ability to create recurring bookings be available? We currently have bookings/contracts with the same clients that take place nearly everyday for the entire year. Microsoft Bookings is great, but this is a feature (along with many of users I see) who are d...