In April, we want to be short and sweet for our OneNote for Windows 10 users: you can now edit content more efficiently with the Mini toolbar that will provide contextually relevant formatting and editing tools. Read on to find out more about it!


Edit faster with the Mini toolbar

The new Mini toolbar in OneNote for Windows 10 helps you edit content faster while you’re working. Instead of having to pick out which tool you need in the ribbon at the top of your screen, you can now highlight the text or content you want to edit and choose a tool from the Mini toolbar that appears. The Mini toolbar contains contextually relevant tools, from font adjustments to text and table formatting, depending on what you’ve selected to edit. Click on the icon with three dots on the far right to expand the Mini toolbar and view more tools for editing your content. With this update, editing is faster with the relevant tools right at your finger (or mouse) tips.


Mini Toolbar.gif


The Mini toolbar is currently rolling out to Insiders and will be generally available to all users in the coming weeks.


We hope you enjoy this update on OneNote for Windows 10 and look forward to hearing your feedback. Please request and vote for features in the Feedback Hub for the OneNote team to continue bringing you exciting updates. We look forward to your comments below and we’ll be back with more OneNote updates next month!

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Hi. Are there any plans to beef up the tables in one note, including the ability to copy from word or excel and maintain formatting? 

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Please encourage the developers on OneNote Mobile to permit loading data into SD Memory.  The App is almost unusable now with more than 15MB taken between OneNote and Outlook.

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Insert a Table with the intention of colouring the cells.

When using the Table Tab (Menu Option at the top) a 'Shading' button is available.

However, when using the Context Menu (Mini Toolbar) a 'Background Colour' button is available.

Two things: 

1. They both perform the same function, but have different names, which could be confusing.

2. They are not linked to one another in spite of performing the same function, e.g. If I were to choose the 'Background Colour' method and colour my selected cells in the table Orange, the colour is not reflected in the 'Shading' button, and vice versa, even though each button retains it's unique last chosen colour until you close the OneNote App.

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Under Settings | Options | Start Tile, 'Pin transparent tile to Start' no longer does this since the new OneNote logo was implemented. 

If you unpin the purple tile from Start, selecting this option puts back the purple tile, else nothing happens.

Solution: Either drop the feature, or name it correctly.

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Missing a 'Collapse Subpages' icon on this right-click menu option:


Untitled picture.png


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Don't forget us MacOS users!  We would love this feature too.  Smiley Happy