Custom tags available soon in OneNote

We’re extremely excited to bring custom tags to our users in the next few weeks! With this feature, users will be able to name the tag and select an icon to create a custom tag that will sync across devices and show up in app search results. Add custom tags to your pages and stay organized in whatever way helps you achieve more! 


Custom tags were passionately requested by our customers and starting in January 2019, it will be available on OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote for MacNo settings need to be enabled to use this feature. Once you see it in your app, feel free to start using it. For a detailed explanation on how to use custom tags, read on below.  


Creating and using a custom tag 

To create a new custom tag, click the Tags dropdown in the Home tab and select “Create New Tag.” When the Create a Tag pane opens, name the new tag, select an icon to represent it and click Create to add your new tag to the list of tags.  


Your new custom tag is ready to useTo tag content with the new tagselect the line you want to tag, click Tags on the Home tab and select the desired tag 




 Click on Tags Used in this Notebook to see a list of: 

  • Previously deleted tags 
  • Custom tags created by you from another device 
  • Custom tags created by other users in that particular notebook.  

Not only will custom tags help you stay organized your way, but they will also help your teams and organizations keep shared notebooks organized with customized tags. 


Searching for custom tags 

Now that you’ve started tagging throughout OneNote with custom tags, it’s easier than ever stay organized and find what you need through search. Users can search for custom tags in the app search experience and tag results will appear under the Tags tab. Click on one of the results to go to its specific location.  



We’re excited for you to give custom tags a try in the upcoming weeks. As always, leave us a comment down below and add or vote for feature requests in the Feedback Hub. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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@Jee Soo Han  thanks for the update! I'm curious how the custom tags will surface in Teams in the short term.


And, of course, if and when these will be usable in the OneNote Online and in-Teams OneNote interfaces.


Peace to you and yours.

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You know what the MOST requested features are for OneNote? All the stuff taken away since 2016 version.  Why can't I change page size or print a page group anymore...

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My feedback is if onenote 10 will only work with files in the cloud, i will have to stop using onenote after having used it for over 10 years. 


I have business information and other days i need secure and i have a lot of it. Putting it on the cloud is not an option.

I hope this cloud storage becomes optional. Otherwise i have to migrate everyone to another program. 

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A bit off topic, but I would really like it if the find/replace option were available for OneNote pages in a section. Since OneNote doesn't have an explorer accessible file feature that I can use a ReNamer type of program to insist on a naming scheme when I add new pages via Office Lens.
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@Jee Soo Han This is great! Would like to see the option to ‘export’ .onepkg file from the unified OneNote App & OneNote Mac Versions.

That would help teachers moving to another School to easily take their work with them!



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The custom tags addition to the UWP is a great thing.  One Note 2016 continues to be a pearl of great price especially with the option of local storage.  Please Microsoft be a little more altruistic and bring local storage option to the ON 10.  Put it on your to do list.  Make it so.  You will make a lot of people happy by doing that and still we will also use the cloud.  I use both but for work I am required to have a local storage option.


Thank you!

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Please give us a date :) This is so exciting.

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Has this been released? How can I check I am on the latest OneNote for Windows 10 or update it?


I do not see any new tags like in this blog :(


Mine says Version 16001.11029.20060.0..

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Any update on Release date? Or even a 'beta' version that I can test?


The custom tag feature is showing up for me, but the tags in search result isn't yet.

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@ivan, what version do you have that's showing the custom tags?