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  • , 06-13-2017
    Dear All,
    Hope all of you are doing great. Recently we are thinking to buy few (e.g. 50 users) office 365 license. Each user will get 1TB OneDrive space to keep files and etc.
    Out of that 50 users, 10 users travel a lot and from the management side. They
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    , 06-18-2017

    Hi Shahidul,


    I know I'm not directly answering your question here but is your managements decision based off certain sensitive documents? There are some third-party products that can geo-fence certain documentation based on sensitivity and that way t

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  • , 05-31-2017
    Good to see the ability to pin My Analytics and the icon refresh. Thanks @Nick Robinson!
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  • , 05-30-2017

    I've had a few colleagues mention that myAnalytics is not showing the amount of out of hours email processing they are doing. I beleive (hope) the intention is to demonstrate that too much time is being spent processing email outside of business hours.



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    , 05-30-2017

    Thanks Guys,


    Both answers helpful.

    For anyone else reading this, a summary of the calucalation from John's linked article is:


    How it's calculated

    The main rules are:

    • For each email you write (send), we assign 5 minutes.

    • For each email you read (open), we

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  • , 05-26-2017



    We are using Office 365 Business Premium in our organization and wanted to add licenses for MyAnalytics to our team. When we purchased MyAnalytics licenses we found that this product is not compatible with our Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions

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    , 05-26-2017

    Hi there - thanks for your note. This is not currently in the plan, but if customer demand increases for this it is something we'll consider. I would recommend adding it as a feature request to our user voice so that others can vote on it and help th

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  • , 05-17-2017

    A couple of My Analytics issues:

    • The icon for My Analytics is not updated in the both the Outlook add in and OWA, cosmetic but worth addressing.
    • I am unable to pin open My Analytics. A pop up indicates this is available but it is not available in the Outloo
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    , 05-17-2017
    Hey John - thanks for reporting. Appreciate the feedback as always! We will look into this and provide an update.. but, 1. the icon update may be caught in a flights, and should update soon 2. this is a bug, will report to the team, but for the... Read more
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