The new MyAnalytics add-in for Outlook - a closer look!



Individuals and organizations use data every day. Gathering and harnessing data is one of the most important functions within many organizations. However, access to data and acting on data can be two very different things.

Today, we are excited to share a bit more about how the new MyAnalytics add-in helps you act on the data and insights from MyAnalytics. The add-in now provides a live feed of personalized insights and recommendations based on your work habits.

For example, if you don't have much focus time during work hours, the add-in reminds you to book some. If you have unread email from your important people, the add-in shows you just those emails. If you have committed to do something in email recently, the add-in reminds you to complete those items. And, the add-in now provides additional insights into email read rates and actual time spent reading your emails.

Let’s take a closer look.

Plan ahead and book time to tackle your biggest priorities - block your calendar directly from the add-in with two simple steps. Depending on your calendar availability, the add-in will alert you when your calendar is filling, or if you do have ample calendar space - the add-in will prompt you to identify your big rocks for the week and block time for them.

Focus Time.png









Assess and adjust your collaboration in real time with a quick view of your top collaborators for the week. This will help you make sure you are engaging with the right people to get your most important work done.

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Stay up to date with the most important people in your network - see unread email from those you have added as important and get suggestions for important people based on your collaboration patterns.

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Have confidence your message landed and know when you need to follow up with email insights around open rate and dwell time.

Sent mail.png

And coming soon - close out strong with action reminders. The add-in will remind you of the actions you’ve committed to in email, mark them as done or follow up to gain peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks.

action reminders.png

Click thru the cards in the add-in to see the full set of insights.

We’ll add more cards over time so take a look, let us know what you like, and what ideas you have for additional insights!

As always add your suggestions and vote for your favorites on the MyAnalytics uservoice: https://myanalytics.uservoice.com/  

Learn more here: https://support.office.com/en-US/article/Microsoft-MyAnalytics-Outlook-add-in-e305ae2d-6f16-4688-b2b...

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Valued Contributor
I'm enjoying using the Outlook add in. Any update on the Groups functionality referenced back in December? This is the feature set I'm looking forward to :-)

Hey John! glad to hear you like the new add-in. Groups is coming to MyAnalytics soon...