New in MyAnalytics: long-term trends, network maps, time spent with Groups, and more

MyAnalytics helps you build healthier work habits with analytics and intelligent coaching. 
Over the next quarter, we're adding several top-requested features to MyAnalytics, including long-term trends, network maps, time spent with Groups, and more. 

Trends: find long-term trends in your work habits 
Trends provides a long-term picture of how your work habits have changed over time so that you can more easily identify bad habits, drive culture change on your team, and track progress. 
In the example above, Megan can see that her meeting hours have been on the rise since June, reaching a peak of 24 hours in late August. Her after hours have increased and focus hours have decreased to accommodate all the new meetings on her schedule. 
Fortunately, Megan has plenty of opportunities to address these worrying trends – for example, she can use the Meeting Habits chart in her dashboard to find wasteful meetings to drop from her schedule – and she can track her progress moving forward using the Trends chart. 
See the FAQ at the bottom of this blog post for more information on Trends.

Your time investments: visualize and strengthen your network 
Do you often feel distant from other teams at your company - unable to leverage their knowledge, brainstorm new ideas, and share resources - despite having worked there for years? 
MyAnalytics now visualizes your network so that you can identify missing links, improve your relationships, and prioritize the time you spend with co-workers. 
In the example above, Megan can see at a quick glance that she spends nearly all of her time with members of her immediate team. To take her projects to the next level, she needs input from co-workers with different skillsets and perspectives. 
Megan can click on any bubble in the chart to get more details. For example, she takes almost 5 hours on average to respond to Isaiah, an important contact supporting an upcoming product launch. She'll need to improve her response time to prevent bottlenecks from delaying the project. 
Your groups: prioritize the time you spend with Groups 
Teamwork is critical for getting your job done, but certain groups might eat up all of your attention at the expense of others. 
MyAnalytics now visualizes the time you spend with the members of your Office 365 Groups so that you can better align your time to your priorities. 
In the example above, Megan can see that the team she works most closely with is the X1050 Launch Team. She notes that she hasn’t given much attention to her own team of direct reports (called “Megan’s Team” here), and that she’s only read 70% of emails sent by the Digital Marketing team – a worrying trend given how important this team is in supporting her projects. 
See the FAQ at the bottom of this blog post for more information on how "Your groups" metrics are calculated. 
Forget to write down a task? MyAnalytics has you covered. 
The MyAnalytics Outlook add-in already reminds you of tasks you've promised to complete for others in case they slipped your mind and never made your to-do list.
Now, MyAnalytics also reminds you of requests others have made of you so that you can close project bottlenecks and make sure important tasks don’t fall between the cracks. 

In the example above, Megan opens the MyAnalytics Outlook add-in and sees that she has 4 to-do's for her colleague Isaiah. The first two of these are promises Megan has made; the third and fourth are requests from Isaiah. For example, he recently asked Megan for feedback on an important white paper, but she still hasn't gotten around to it. Megan can quickly switch to OneNote to write this task down - or even better, she can use MyAnalytics to block focus time for the week and finally get the white paper shipped.
Updated insight cards: new tips to help you work smarter 
The insights banner at the top of your dashboard now contains the following new tips: 
Email grazing: many of us tend to check our email as soon as we receive it - but this behavior can break our focus and make us less productive on the task at hand. This insight card provides a quick warning when MyAnalytics detects email grazing patterns. 
Pattern insights: if MyAnalytics detects a significant change in your work habits - for example, a large increase in meeting hours or decrease in focus time – you’ll see a corresponding insight so that you can take action quickly. 
How far back in time does the Trends chart go? 
For new users, Trends will populate 80 days retroactively. For existing users, Trends will populate data dating back to March 2017. As time progresses, Trends will eventually show a maximum of two years' worth of behavior. 
In the new “Your groups” chart, how is time spent with Groups calculated? 
If you email or meet with a member of an Office 365 Group (whether 1:1 or with others included), that counts towards the "Total time" calculation for that group. 
The "Exclusive time" metric is based on emails sent to or meetings scheduled with the distribution list associated with the Office 365 Group in Outlook (i.e. the distribution list that is provisioned when the Group is created). 
Does the new "Your groups" chart include Microsoft Teams? 
Yes, but with limitations. Each time a team is created in Microsoft Teams, an Office 365 Group is also created, and the "Your groups" chart will incorporate data on that Group. However, other signals from Microsoft Teams (chat, files, etc.) are not currently captured by MyAnalytics. 


Very cool! 

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Very excited by these developments in My Analytics and look forward to using them!

Fantastic - great value for our customers. Thank you!


@Peter Bergen Some really cool new features and ways to look at the data. Happy to see the progress here.


It is getting more and more important however that MyAnalytics start ingesting data from Microsoft Teams, especially with recent announcements at Ignite of Skype for Business Online transitioning into Microsoft Teams over time. Part of the value proposition of Teams is offering users as much as possible a single and central teamwork hub centered around chat. This is very powerful and valuable to many users, and tends to result in less activity having to do with the user's mailbox. If MyAnalytics is not resilient to this shift in how users engage with Office 365, that is making the data provided by MyAnalytics less valuable.


@David Rosenthal - completely agreed. Microsoft Teams signals are on our roadmap. As a starting point, we do present data on time spent with Teams in the new "Your time investments" and "Your groups" charts shown above. These charts include metrics on time spent with Office 365 Groups - but since every Team is associated with an Office 365 Group, you can technically analyze time spent with Teams too. There's a bit more info on this in the FAQ at the bottom of the blog post.

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@Peter Bergen is there a timeline on when we might expect the new features to start rolling out even to Targeted Release? Thanks. Totally agree with @David Rosenthal., Groups features are a must have going forward to maintain My Analytics relevancy in Office 365.

Hey @John Wynne - sorry for the late response. These features should start rolling out in the second half of this month.

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@Peter Bergen great news I’ll be looking out for them!
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Hi @Peter Bergen any update on these new features rolling out? Still waiting for the new features to appear on my tenant.

@John Wynne - the code has been checked in so it should be very soon! Apologies for the delay - you will certainly be the first person I notify once we've shipped.

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Very visual and non-overloaded data mapping!
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is there a way to subscribe to MyAnalytics as an individual where an enterprise isn't subscribed?  plenty of individuals want to use their time better, untapped market. 


Hey @Stu Downes, currently there's no way to subscribe unless you have an Office 365 business or enterprise account. Love the idea though, will pass it on here!