Welcome to the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in PowerBI AMA!

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Welcome to the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in PowerBI Ask Microsoft Anything! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the team regarding the recent announcement of the release of the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in PowerBI.


Please post your question in a new thread. You can view the AMA Guidelines here. 


To start introduce yourself below and tell us where you're logging in from!



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Mike here from the community team. I love Power BI and am ready for an awesome AMA! 

Good morning, all!

My name is Anne Michels - you could hear my German accent if you were talking to me in person right now - and I'm the product marketing manager for anything related to Office 365 Administration. We hope that the content pack is already helping you to drive more targeted end user training and communication and are looking forward to your questions!



Thanks Eric! I am Youssef Shoukry, a Program Manager at Microsoft and I manage Power BI Service content packs. Happy to answer any Power BI questions related to the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack!

Hey there, I am Shilpi Sinha, I am a Program Manager in Office 365, and I am primarily responsible for all the usage reports capability in the Admin center as well as the Office 365 Adoption content pack, Look forward to answering your questions about the content pack.
Hello, Thresa here. I am an IT Asset Manager an am currently using the content pack to help show current adoption trends and where we can save money by reducing license types for users not using the full packages.
Hey, all! *Noah Sparks, community igniter, recently minted Microsoft MVP and product strategy at BrainStorm. All smiles this morning now that we have deeper Office 365 analytics! 😀

Naomi Souza from RealFoundations - first time AMA-er. 

Hello everyone - I am joining from Nashville, Tennessee, USA (Go Preds!)

Hello, I am Svetlana. Joining from Vancouver, BC. I started to use the Adoption pack after it was released recently and find it very helpful. Hope the Q&As here will help me to use it even better.

I'm confused: where do my comments/questions go? The seems to be moved somewhere... @Eric Starker

Mohammed.F from Cary, NC - Office 365 Consultant at major Pharma

Thanks for your question!


Any questions from this thread are moved here to the main thread: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Office-365-Adoption-Content-Pack/bd-p/Office365AMA


This thread is just intended for introductions.

Thanks for the attention and investment here, Youssef! Much appreciated.

Hi all, this is Cian from London, looking to learn more about the direction of the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack as it reaches GA. I used the pack since one of the private previews and found it provided interesting insights but then the next step was to work out what to do with all the data!

Hi everyone! I'm Aljohn from Philippines and currently exploring the amazing features of PowerBI.

It appears that the style of this forum (AMA) is not condusive to people actually engaging. The registration process of forcing people to sign up for a category of interest is also discouraging. Since you are using a one-off platform, I would recommend have this as an audio meeting in the future.

Hey Brett, thanks for your feedback about the style + flow of the event. We find that having the ability to craft responses and provide links and other resources helps our product marketing and engineering provide more complete answers.


Regarding the registration process, it's necessary to sign up for at least one community in order to create a home feed for you (based on your joined communities), otherwise, it would generate an error. A little outside of the scope of this AMA, but that's why it works like that. 

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