Using the Microsoft 365 usage analytics template Pbit file

Tom Morgan

The Customize the reports in Microsoft 365 usage analytics page talks about downloading a pbit template of the Content Pack. However the link is still to the old, Preview version. Is there an updated version of the pbit anywhere?





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I have the very same question. All references I have found point to the PBIT file from May 22, 2017, including documentation titled Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics. For example, if you go to this page and scroll down to the paragraph titled, "Use the Microsoft 365 usage analytics template" and click the link, it will download the preview version. 



Tom, did you hear anything more on this? I also cannot find the new pbit template.

I am continuing my search and inquiries and will report back to this thread if I find out anything regarding the pbit for Usage Analytics.


I had a support ticket in with Microsoft and they sent me this link. Link - Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics


I think this is the newer one. 

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