PowerBi usage (Measuring how PowerBi is used in our tenant)

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Currently we download all the O365 reports from the Admin centre and customize a PowerBi report on how each application is being used, we use a combination of our customised report and the Adoption content pack. However, there are no reports that I can find which provides the same information on how PowerBi is being used in our company. Within PowerBi Admin Portal there is a dashboard that provides this information but there is no way to extract the data or even share it to none Admins. 

Firstly, does anyone know if the PowerBi usage data will be added to the list of reports in the O365 admin centre? Secondly a way to extract the data to be used in our own customised PowerBi dashboard?


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Hi Shaun,

we're exploring to add a report on PowerBI usage at a future point but don't have an ETA to share yet.



Hello Shaun Scanlon,

Currently, there is no inbuilt report available to get the usage metrics on Power BI service. You may try AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter which provides usage and adoption metrics for Power BI workspaces. You can use the reports or dashboards to find out how Power BI is used in your organization. Also, you can allow non-admins to access the reports or you can set up a scheduled report to mail them directly at configured intervals. 




I work for AdminDroid. If you have any queries regarding the tool, I am happy to answer you.