Office 365 | PowerBI Dashboard | When will Teams data be added?

Mitch Beck
New Contributor

The Office 365 PowerBI Dashboard is pretty awesome.  But one thing our org has been releasing is Microsoft Teams.  Within IT it seems to have taken off and appears to be getting used more and more every day.  It would be nice to be able to show visually how Teams adoption has been increasing in our environment. 

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Ditto.....will the dashboard evolve to cover services like Teams, Planner, Stream, etc.

Hi Mitch,

we're currently working on a usage report for Microsoft Teams. This will light up first in the admin center but we're exploring to bring it into the content pack as well. Please stay tuned for updates!



Hi Geoffrey, Microsoft Teams is on our roadmap and we're currently exploring to bring in information about additional services as well. We'll share more details on roadmap.office.com once available. 



Thanks Anne!  Any soft dates on when it will be brought into the Admin center? 

Also looking forward to have a PowerBI Dashboard on Teams usage.

We're aiming for summer/ fall. No concrete dates to share yet.

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