Saul Rodriguez
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Good Morning,

We are an organization compose by many independent international centers, all centers use the same  Office 365 platform for  the organization.  My Questions are:
1. How could we do so that each center sees only the metrics of its Sharepoint sites, Skype,One drive?

2. Can we filter Office Content Pack's reports by Center, maybe using

ou: center id  of active directory.  


Thank you by your answers



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Hey Saul,

It is possible but with some customization, you can use Power BI desktop to connect to our apis, and also pull down the data from AAD to be able to then join the two datasets and do more slicing and dicing. The only limitation to this solution would be that this would reflect user activity of the last completed month

One alternative could be to use the Company information to fill the center name so you can use the conten pack default reports

Excellent idea Juan Carlos. May I to implement  Row-level Security (RLS) for the dataset of Office 365 Contemt pack ?  I  have Power Bi Pro license and use Power Bi Desktop.

Hi Shilpi,

Do you have a bit more information about how this could be achieved? As a complex global organisation WPP has multiple Office 365 tenants and I believe it would be really beneficial if we could provide a consolidated view of adoption and usage across all tenants. Conversely, there are also requirements, as outlined by Saul, to be able to produce a separate realtime dashboard for individual companies within a single tenant.


I figured out how to duplicate the report and then filter it, but this doesn't easily provide another dashboard view, which in turn means its not easy to share this view and allow colleagues to disseminate within their individual companies.

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