Are all metrics available via API?

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Are there partners who are leveraging these insights programmatically? What examples are you seeing of more systematic approaches to making these insight more actionable?

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Hi Noah,

yes, you can access all the data through APIs. Please take a look at the customization support documenation: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Customize-the-Office-365-Adoption-content-pack-9b76065f-29b...

What we've seen from customers is that many are very interested to use the data to drive more targeted end uers training and communicaiton as they can see exactly which users are not using a specific service yet. We have also seen customers use the data to easily identify power users. We'd love to learn about more ways how customers and partners use the data. Thus, would be great if you could share if you have heard of any best practices yet.



Much appreciated, Anne! Still early days for partners but great to see customers get more targeted and intentional with communications, training and awareness. Hoping the interventions organizations offer their folks empower all in unique ways.
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