Outlook 2007 end of support in Office 365 on October 31, 2017

Cian Allner
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There have been some changes to Microsoft's stance with Outlook 2007 connecting to Office 365.  This will continue to work going forward, rather than being blocked entirely as intended but this will be unsupported.


This came about as Outlook 2007 doesn't support RPC over HTTP, which all modern Outlook clients since have included and can benefit from when connecting to Office 365 mailboxes (Exchange Online).


This gives customers more time to upgrade but does come with risks of being unsupported and the quality of the mail experience will decrease over time, as Microsoft put it.


RPC over HTTP reaches end of support in Office 365 on October 31, 2017


Starting on October 31, 2017, RPC over HTTP will no longer be a supported protocol for accessing mail data from Exchange Online. Starting on this date, the following conditions will apply:


  • Microsoft will not provide support for RPC over HTTP issues (regular or custom).
  • No code fixes or updates to resolve problems that are unrelated to security will be released.

Additionally, for Office versions that support MAPI over HTTP, Microsoft may elect to override existing registry keys that customer are using in order to force RPC over HTTP use.

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Hi - it seems that in the last sentence from the link you mention, where we state that we may elect to 'override' local registry settings for Outlook versions which support MAPI over HTTP, a few thought we would be enforcing changes to the local registries.  This is not the case, but to reduce any concern or confusion, we've changed the wording to say that we may elect to 'ignore' the registry setting.