Moving 2007 Professional from one computer to another computer.

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I recently activated my Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop and need to move my 2007 Professional from my desktop computer to my laptop.  I would like to completely move it (have 2016 Pro on my desktop). Any suggestions how to do that?

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This is how I solve my own problem. I went to "Install Office 2007 - Microsoft" and found a place that allowed me to download 2007 Prof. because I still have my Product Code.  It took about 10 minutes and the complete suite downloaded to my laptop.  And I still have 2007 Prof. on my desktop. Just peruse the page until you find a place that says, "download and install Office" with  your product code.   There is no charge and it downloads very quickly.  However, you must follow the information above this entry about how to ACTIVATE your new 2007 suite after you get it installed.  Hope you have as much luck as I did in getting it restored (installed) on my second device.  Good Luck.