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Hello All,


I purchased the Microsoft 2007 and still use that on my home laptop.  Since my work has the upgraded ones and I hardly use my own laptop, I really do not want to buy the newest one.

I still have my disks and installed the 2007 on my latest laptop but I do not have any of the updates that they might have done for that version.  Where would I find the updates now that they do not "support" that version anymore?  Each time I buy or restore a computer or laptop, it's nice to have the cd version but it doesn't do much good if I cannot get the upgrades that kept the version running smoothly.


Thanks for your help.


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I guess you are referring to Microsoft Office 2007.


How to obtain the latest service pack for the 2007 Office suite



That link doesn't work.

@Monique Scott

Honestly, with MSO 2007 being 12 years old at this point, you should consider other options.


Patching an unsupported product each time you need to do a rebuild becomes very difficult at best (MSFT eventually "archives" software and links become invalid), you aren't getting any security fixes (leading to unsecure system) or updates to features/functionality and at some point, sharing documents with other people will become burdensome if not impossible.


If you are going to continue to use your personal systems and need Word, etc., I highly recommend moving to Office 365.


If you are a student, you can get a free O365 account which includes Word, Excel & PowerPoint, https://products.office.com/en-us/student/office-in-education. And depending on your institution, they may have negotiated additional applications.


If you aren't a student, an annual O365 Personal subscription is only $69.99 (about the cost of a latte and scone each month) and it has most things anyone typically needs. I pay for a subscription for my personal system even as a MSFT employee simply because it's convenient and easy. We'll do the "Home" plan when my wife is no longer a student.


If you have a Hotmail/Live/Outlook account you can try O365 for a month just to see if you want to go that route (it's under account details).


Anyway you cut it, sticking with the old technology is not advisable.


[Takes off Microsoft badge, for a moment] And if you are desperate to move to a more current release of "something" and can't justify the cost, there are open versions of software available (essentially clones). Not quite the same, but maybe close enough for your purposes.


BTW, the above applies to anyone using old versions of Microsoft Office - anything before Office 2013 (really, that is old now too since mainstream support ended last year).

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