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Interested to know if there's a way to mark outlook event ("Gym time") as personal time, and not count them as a meeting for myAnalyitics.



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MyAnalytics doesn't have the ability to tell your personal meetings from work ones, however an appointment in your calendar that doesn't have any participants will show u... Read More

for mor ethan 15 days i have E5 License , and we see MyAnalytics in outlook and inside delve but till now we did not get any information inside it, is their some thing missing from our side or What we should to do ?



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The onboarding process is now supposed to take no longer than 2-3 weeks. Originally it was longer because the desire was to have a fully populated dashboard for users whe... Read More
It is taking much longer to analyse before you get to see something up to 3 months
I would suggesting waiting a bit longer. In the early days of MyAnalytics it would take up to 6 weeks, I'm not sure what it is these days.
Also have you enabled it at the ... Read More
Hi @Nick Robinson any update as to how long before group functionality appears in My Analytics? Thanks!
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Hey John - the team is still working on this, and the timeline seems to have slipped a bit from early 2017 :) will follow up when I have more information.
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Specifically around Team Analytics in this case.
You're referring to the Team Analytics and Workplace Analytics functionality?


I can't seem to find any information on how My Analytics works with shared inboxes or team inboxes. If I install the MyAnalytics add-in for outlook, can I link it to shared inboxes my account is associated with? 

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Hi Brenden - The MyAnalytics outlook add-in will take the shared mailbox email account as the primary email account to calculate stats, and it won’t show the personal sta... Read More

If user's privacy mode for MyAnalytics is set to Opt-out or Excluded, will his data still be collected but not used for displaying the aggregated information shown to other users or will it not be collected at all?

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MyAnalytics data is not shown to anyone except the user themselves.
At this point aggregated information does not exist until Team Analytics and Workplace Analytics come o... Read More
Hi Experts,

I have read the delve myanalytics blog, but there is still something unclear. May I consult you some questions?
1MyAnalytics collects some user data for deriving organisational statics and de-identifies it so associated users can not be identifi... Read More
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Hi Jin - thank you for your questions. These are great clarification points. I believe the privacy guide for MyAnalytics will help to answer these questions. 


It is ava

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Is there any indication that MyAnalytics will go beyond Exchange data and start looking at the full graph?


It seems that I spend more time after hours working on documents that end up on OneDrive and Sharepoint than sending e-mail.


I encourage my team to

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Also you are correct that we are working on Workplace Analytics to deliver advanced organizational analytics to customers. It is in paid early access currently, and will

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Hi Marc - yes! This is a great scenario that we hope to be able to support soon. The team is currently planning to bring in Skype for Business signals and then OneDrive f... Read More
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Hi All,


MyAnalytics not available in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox


The MyAnalytics add-in for both my Outlook 2016 for Windows and Outlook 2016 for Mac have working MyAnalytics add-ins.  However, when I select the gear icon in Mac and it attempts to open Del

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I have it working in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and IE. (I can't confirm Safari as I don't have any Apple products).
Are you going via https://delve.office.com (full URL being... Read More

New webisode showing off the losing touch feature of MyAnalytics.



MyAnalytics helps you focus on what matters most with time and network insights like time in meetings, focus time, email read rate and response times, losing touch and top collaborator

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nice video!

Great insights about manager best practices derived from collaboration information! Check it out! https://hbr.org/2016/12/what-great-managers-do-daily

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Take a tour of the latest updates to MyAnalytics on today’s Microsoft Mechanics video. Catherine Pidgeon shares how to use MyAnalytics to improve work impact and success. From understanding where her time goes, to identifying areas of opportunity and gain

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As I mentioned over on the Office Blog it's worth remembering MyAnalytics is available as an add on licence for Enterprise customers on plans other than E5. Can't wait to... Read More

MyAnalytics helps you make better decisions so you can take back your time!


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How do I enable MyAnalytics?  I want to demo this ASAP for management but can't find the magic button for this.

I could picture that Loryan :)

Yep, that's how I walk around the office. :-)

If I start Outlook as an Admin, I can click on the MyAnalytics button and the Addin loads up and works.

However, when I start my Outlook client as a reguarly do, (not runas admin), I get a red x in the upper left corer of the opened pane. The pane has the

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Hi Keith - this may be a bug, I would suggest you submit feedback via the smiley face in the MyAnalytics dashboard > right hand side. Thanks. -Nick
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Did anyone else notice that the MyAnalytics for this past week is very wrong. Only some of the data showed up.

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Hey Guy - we've had a couple other reports of this as well. Recommend submitting feedback through the dashboard if you have questions about the data.

Mine are complete. I even went through my meeting information to ensure and it matched my calendar. My email stats seem correct too.