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Microsoft Workplace Analytics

A couple of quick questions arising from today's Office Blog


  • Hoping to see a new community here on Office 365 Analytics for Microsoft Workplace Analytics?
  • @Nick Robinson can you confirm if Microsoft Workplace Analytics will be a per seat add-in across all Enterprise Plans, E1 - E5?
  • If so, a timeline to appear in licensing (for me the UK store in GBP)

Thanks and congratulations on this move!

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Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

everything about this product is presented in a very different form than other Office 365 announcements. Lack of admin information, no pricing and a lot if marketing/sales directed information.

Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Definitely more alignment with the general Office 365 proposition is needed. Hopefully today's announcement will start that journey. A question is definitely can we self provision as with My Analytics or does the provisioning / on boarding need to be through the Microsoft team? Also, price points etc. Finally I think we need to understand the boundaries between My Analytics and Workplace Analytics, particularly around Groups. The Microsoft Mechanics video featuring @Ryan Fuller highlights the next roadmap steps. Anyway lots of questions which might warrant an AMA.

Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

I would like to hear why Workplace Analytics isn't included in the Office 365 E5 plan, if that is the case? Surely it should be included in E5
but the announcement gives the impression it's an add-on for all of the Enterprise plans!

I agree the announcement was somewhat lacking and there are unanswered questions. An AMA is a great idea, though some sort of FAQ in the meantime would be appreciated as well as any admin resources.

Saying all that, Workplace Analytics looks very good for unlocking productivity gains and could be a game changer! I look forward to hearing a lot more about Workplace Analytics.

Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

I did find this support article by the way - "Metric descriptions and glossary for Workplace Analytics".


Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Hi all,


Thanks for the interest and looking forward to engaging in this journey together. We're excited about the WpA launch and know there are lots of questions. We did just create a new WpA community page, so be sure to post new questions in there.


- WpA is available for enterprise level organizations (5,000+ seats) and costs $6/license/mo for enterprise SKUs (with the exception of E5 customers, which is $2/license/mo).

- WpA is not included in E5 because we made a strategic decision to deliver the WpA value in a different fashion.  The pricing reflects an investment in our customers that are invested in the Microsoft innovation cycle.


We understand that this is a significant departure from the typical licensing model, but WpA is a unique solution that will significantly enhance the value of Office 365 by augmenting the layer of intelligence surrounding Office 365 products.


The team and I will continue to provide input and respond to your questions as quickly as possible. Thank you!



Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Hi Nathan, Thanks for your detailed reply. The 5000 seat requirement counts me out as a small scale tenant with deep scope. This is the first recent Office 365 innovation of which I can't take advantage. Part of the strong value proposition of Office 365 is to enable digital transformation for organisations of all sizes. I understand Workplace Analytics may place special requirements but please consider many mid sized companies who have invested in E5 licensing.

Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Same, 70-80 users, all E3 and E5.

Putting that basic informtion (seat requirement + cost) out publicy, would have cleared up things pretty fast.

Also I'm always kind of shocked, when a single product/feature costs more or about as much as a full E1 license. I'm sure there discounts for larger purchases.


Anyway, thanks for the information. No need to dig further :)

Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Thanks for the information, it clarified a lot.


I do find the 5K seats requirement a big barrier that will put this out of reach for many organisations. Hopefully, that number can be reviewed in due course.  


I worked in the non-profit sector with an organisation, with 1300 staff, heavily invested in Office 365 and I can see only the top 15 institutions have more than that 5K headcount in the UK.  

Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Very quick arithmetic prices the product at a high level when placed at the seat level requirement. I suspect the target organisations will have Enterprise Agreements in place. So custom pricing is inevitable. As always, the market drives and decides, so barriers to adoption and alternative products will move matters forward. Still, from the outside, this strategic decision jars against the success of Office 365 which it has achieved through scale. Feels like a missed opportunity.

Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Will there be any exceptions to this 5000 seat barrier? I have a customer who is a high street bank and has 2500 seats and growing who would really like to have this capapbility.


Re: Microsoft Workplace Analytics

@Malcolm Robb you are better placed than anyone to get this looked into. Thanks for the transparency.
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